Adventure Tour aws

Adventure tour aws will give you the ultimate dog sledding experience you will never forget.

A musher and his friendly furry dog sled team will take you to the most amazing landscape and give you a unique experience. Our friendly musher will teach you how to drive the dog sled yourself and to set up the pack of dogs as well as to teach you musher commands that the dogs understand.

Depending on the snow condition, we operate on two basecamps; Holmasel where we can sled on dry-land along the wonderful glacier river and Skalafell ski resort where we can have a wonderful dog sledding tour on snowy land during winter.

We will start the tour by introducing you to the pack and for you to get to know them well even their character and role in the sled. We will get you involve into setting up the dog sled.

The musher will give you all the information you needed as well as his passion for the dogs and of dog sledding.

During the dog sledding tour we will have a break and it will be a great oppurtunity for you to take pictures and bond with the dogs.

We operate on dry-land during seasons when there is lack of snow.



Amazing tour aws