Black Lava


Black Lava a perfect combination of Horseback riding and lava tube caving. Explore a mysterious lava cave and horseback riding on an exceptional trail where you can witness the magical world of South Iceland

The Black Lava adventure will start in the great lava field surrounding Mt. Helgafell. You will witness the magnificent lava formation in the rough trail and might even meet a troll or two along the way.We will gallop in excellent paths with the proud and beautiful Blue mountains towering on the horizon.

After lunch we will continue the adventure in the hidden world beneath the lava field. You will have the oppurtunity to discover the marvelous things hidden within. Leiðarendi lava cave has so much to offer, you’ll be surprise how a small cave holds so much treasure. After revealing the mystery of the Leiðarendi cave, we will take you back to Reykjavik with the deep understanding on how Iceland has been created.

All caving and horse riding tours are undertaken on the responsibility of the person who participates in this service. The tour operator does not assume any responsibility for accidents that caused by the participant or actions that are traced to be their own doing.A signed waiver is a mandatory prerequisite to any tours we have.