Design March

All you need to know about the Design March Festival

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Magnificent showcase of arts; classical and modern is the highlight of the Reykjavik Arts Festival.

Food and Fun Festival

All culinary fans out there, this festival will call your attention. Presenting the outstanding chefs from different parts of the world

Iceland Airwaves

Iceland Airwaves is one of the biggest and coolest music festivals in the world. Something all music lovers simply can´t miss out on!

The story of Halldor Laxness nobel winning writer

Halldór Laxness is an award winning 20th century writer and a Nobel prize winner. Someone you must know something about when you visit Iceland.

Imagine Peace Tower

The Imagine Peace Tower is located in Videy, a small island just outside of Reykjavik. During winter it lights up the sky and it´s magical to see it with the aurora.

Hallgrímskirkja Church

Hallgrímskirkja church is one of Reykjavik´s symbols. Visit the tower and enjoy the view, listen to the amazing organ music and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

Culture Night in Reykjavík

The Culture Night in Reykjavík is held every year in August. Great fun and a perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Oddest Places in Iceland

In Iceland you will find the oddest places, from elves school to a phallological museum. Check them out when you visit Iceland.

Icelandic Wonders Museum

Get to know more about elves and trolls or get spooked with 24 of the most popular haunters. Visit the Icelandic Wonders Museum and the Ghost Center.

Petra’s Collection of Stones and Minerals

There is this old lady that has a wonderful collection of stones and minerals in East Iceland. Check out her unusual collections.

Making a Wish at Helgafell Holy Mountain

Three wishes will be granted if you ascend on the mountain without looking back and speaking. Find out more!

Library of Water

Is there such thing as library of water? It may sound impossible but in a little town of Stykkisholmur is a library of water that tells about the weather.

Gasir -The Medieval Market

Visit the campground of Gasir where Icelandic craftsmen takes you back to Medieval period. You don’t need a time machine for this.

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