Some of the best things you can do in Iceland

We collected some of the best things you can do in Iceland into one great article

Famous filming locations in Iceland

Do you want to visit famous filming sites? Noah, Game of Thrones and Walter Mitty, just to name a few.


Read about weird and fun facts about Iceland e.g. why you should stay up 24 hours in the summertime, eat sheep heads and more

Top 40 fun things to do in Iceland

Need ideas what to do in Iceland? Read this and you will for sure find something that interests you.

The humble history of Iceland

The humble history of Iceland When Iceland is mentioned, the first thing that crops up in people’s mind is that it must be covered in ice, as suggested by the name. But, in fact, it is not so. Iceland has beautiful lush green meadows, nice people and a rich history. The country has many volcanoes, […]

What is the midnight sun of Iceland?

Enjoy the midnight sun in Iceland.

What I wish I had known

We asked tourists what they wish they had known before arrival and here are a few answers.

Winter Wonderland

A primer on what to do in Iceland when you visit the winter wonderland

Experience Iceland through a local

See Iceland through the eyes of an Icelander

30 Things You Should Know About Iceland

30 interesting facts about Iceland

Why Icelanders are happy & healthy

Icelanders are among the happiest nations in the world. Find out why!

The truth about tipping in Iceland

Should I tip in Iceland or not? Find the answer here.

The Nights and Lights in Reykjavík

Reykjavík during winter is magical in its own way. Even though it can get cold, the Northern lights, the cafés and much more make up for it.

Hellisheiðavirkjun Power Plant

Geothermal power plants in Iceland are unique and environamental friendly. Learn more about Hellisheiðavirkjun Power Plant.

Geothermal Heat in Iceland

Geothermal heat in Iceland has been used to heat up houses and for electricity. Environmental friendly and a good role model for the future.

Icelanders and Energy

Iceland has abundant geothermal energy but are the Icelanders really just wasting it? Find it out.

Geothermal pools that aren´t the Blue lagoon

Geothermal pools other than the Blue lagoon When you hear mentioned “Iceland” and “geothermal pools”, the Blue lagoon is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However there are many other sites where you can bathe and relax besides the Blue lagoon and are just as unique. Below are a few suggestions for you. […]

Icelanders are Optimistic

Icelanders are generally happy and optimistic. Let us get the insights how and why they are this way.

Icelandic Braveheart Meals

Iceland has some enticing Icelandic cuisine from fish to lamb… then it gets a little bit odder. Find out what makes their taste buds crave for more.

Several Great Reasons to Live in Iceland

Know why Iceland is the best place to live.

Things NOT To Do In Iceland

Here are the ten things that you should not do when you are in Iceland. These things will help you make your stay worth while as well.

How Safe is Iceland?

Despite of the volcanoes and earthquakes that occasionally bothers Iceland. Find out why Iceland still the safest place to visit and to live at.

Survival Guide: Busy Sidewalks and You

Knowing how to navigate on Iceland’s Busy Sidewalks.

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