What if…… in Iceland?

“What if” is a common questions and here are a few answers.

Where to see Northern Lights

Good tips on where to see northern lights

How To Plan Your Trip To Iceland Around The Weather

Get some tips how to plan your trip to Iceland around the weather

Is a 4×4 vehicle essential for me when taking a drive around Iceland?

A good read if you are planning on driving in Iceland.

How to plan a northern lights vacation

Here you can find good tips on how to plan a northern lights vacation.

Top 40 fun things to do in Iceland

Need ideas what to do in Iceland? Read this and you will for sure find something that interests you.

7 summer days in Iceland – editor´s choice

7 summer days in Iceland – editor´s choice

4 winter days in Iceland – editor´s choice

What would we do if we had four days in Iceland in winter. Here is the editor´s choice.

Icelandic swimming pools

Icelandic swimming pools – an experience of a lifetime!

Top 10 sights to visit in Iceland capital – Reykjavík

Top 10 sights to visit when in Reykjavík

Where to Get Those Unique Icelandic Souvenirs

Know where you can buy unique Icelandic Souvenirs in Iceland. In addition to the list are the must have souvenirs that you can bring back home.

Facts about Iceland

A few facts about Iceland – a fun read!

How to Take Better Winter Photos

Tips and techniques on how to capture that perfect dramatic winter photos. You might be pointing at a wrong angle as you think but that would capture the whole beauty, find out why.

Top ten things to do around Reykjavík

Here is a list for top ten things to do in and around Reykjavík, an ideal itinerary!

Where to buy groceries in Iceland

When in Iceland, you will find many supermarkets and local stores with groceries. Here are some useful information about grocery shopping in Iceland.

Driving in Iceland

Here you will find useful information about driving in Iceland.

Weather in Iceland during winter

How is the weather in Iceland in winter? Is it safe to drive? What should I wear? Find the answers here!

What to wear in winter

Here you will find answers to what to pack before heading to Iceland in winter.

What to do in Reykjavík after dinner in winter

Although it gets dark early, Reykjavík doesn´t fall asleep after dinner in winter. Here are a few ideas how you can spend a winter evening in the capital.

Restaurants in Reykjavík

You will find a great selection of restaurants in Reykjavík. Here we will give you a few ideas for a fancy night out.

Where to shop Vintage Stuff in Iceland?

Ever wondered where those cute little outfits that the adorable Icelanders came from? Well wonder no more as we bring you to vintage town! Where possibilities choice of classy fashion in Iceland are endless.

Reykjanes in a day

Here is an idea how to spend a day in Iceland

10 Extreme things to do while on vacation in Iceland

10 Extreme things to do while on vacation in Iceland Iceland is a wonderful place to visit and should be on everyone’s must visit list. The country has something for everyone, but if you really like to live life to the extreme, then Iceland is seriously one place you need to place on your travel […]

The Best Time to Visit Iceland

A lot of people are asking when is the best time to visit Iceland. Let us just look at each season to know when is really the best time.

Camping in Iceland

Icelandic summers are meant for camping. Whether are saving on your trip or just want to feel Iceland the natural way.

Being a Tourist in Iceland

How to be an Awesome Visitor in a foreign place.

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