Best Place to See Northern Lights

Learn about the best places to see the northern lights in Iceland.

Where to see Northern Lights

Good tips on where to see northern lights

The Golden Circle, Iceland

The main attraction of Iceland is the Golden Circle. Find out why it is the best route to visit.

Top 10 sights to visit in Iceland capital – Reykjavík

Top 10 sights to visit when in Reykjavík

Winter Wonderland

A primer on what to do in Iceland when you visit the winter wonderland

Crossing the Bridge that Connects Two Continents

Experience crossing two continents in just few minutes. Get that spectacular experience only here in Iceland, because it is indeed more fun here in Iceland.

Best ski resorts in Iceland

Iceland is ideal for skiing and here you can find information about the best ski resorts.

Fantasy World

Iceland is a true fantasy world, find out why!

The best types of food in Iceland

Icelandic cuisine is both traditional and modern. The list of delicacies is long but here you find a few ideas.

Akureyri: The bustling city of North Iceland

Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland, with its skiing restorts, aurora, mountains and charm, is a place you must visit.

Iceland: An undiscovered surfing paradise

Iceland is idea for surfing, especially for those who want the ocean to themselves.

Best places to swim in Iceland

Iceland is well know for its swimming pools and natural geothermal spas. Here is a list of ideas where you can go to relax.

5 best coffee houses in Reykjavik

Enjoy the best cup of coffee in Reykjavik.

The Big Fish Day

The Big Fish day in Dalvík is a great experience for fish lover at all ages.

Borgarnes:  A quaint little town filled with rich history

Borgarnes is a picturesque town with a remarkable history.

Flatey in Breiðafjörður

Flatey island is a legendary island and it is like a utopia where everything you see is simple but perfect

The Diamond Circle

A popular tourist route in the North Iceland.


Floating 1000 years old icebergs, blue ice and a tour along the icebergs. Jokulsarlon gives you the experience of the lifetime.

Where to shop Vintage Stuff in Iceland?

Ever wondered where those cute little outfits that the adorable Icelanders came from? Well wonder no more as we bring you to vintage town! Where possibilities choice of classy fashion in Iceland are endless.

The Secret Garden in Akureyri

The Public Park & Botanic Garden in Akureyri. A secret garden that is not really hidden but shared for more than 100 years now.

Geothermal pools that aren´t the Blue lagoon

Geothermal pools other than the Blue lagoon When you hear mentioned “Iceland” and “geothermal pools”, the Blue lagoon is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However there are many other sites where you can bathe and relax besides the Blue lagoon and are just as unique. Below are a few suggestions for you. […]

The Enchanting Town of Isafjordur

A whole New World. The landscape is majestic, with fjord after fjord, towering above shore and sea, and the diversity. Each and every fjord has its own distinctive character. Tiny fishing villages nestle at their foot.

Seal Watching

Be fascinated with this adorable creatures. Go Seal Watching!

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