Pearl tour – The Golden Circle & Snowmobiling

Golden Circle & Snowmobiling is a day full of excitement and adventures. See and experience Icelandic nature to the fullest.

Ain´t no mountain high enough

Ever dreamt of lava caving, lava plateau, bumpy rides and crossing rivers? If yes, this tour is for you!

Fast & Furious – Snowmobiling & Quad Biking

A perfect day tour for adrenaline junkies – snowmobiling & quad biking!

Volcanic wonderland

A half day super jeep tour around the Reykjanes peninsula. Mud pots, volcanic mountains, lava fields and more.

4×4 Iceland Adventure

A great off road adventure with amazing view, geothermal sites and lava fields. A great way to spend an afternoon.

South Shore and Glacier Lagoon

Experience the wonders of South Iceland by plane & bus.

Mountain Safari

Mountain safari quad tour is ideal for everyone. A day full of adventures.

Thorsmork & The South Coast

Colorful landscapes, beautiful scenery, glaciers, amazing nature and hiking adventures. The Thorsmork day tour is a true adventure!

Golden Circle afternoon tour

Depart from Reykjavík in the afternoon to avoid the traffic and fewer tourists will be in the famous Golden Circle.

Whale watching express

Whale watching on a luxurious and fast boat. An excellent choice for a 2 hour whale adventure.

South Coast & Volcano Show

The South Coast & Volcano show tour includes history, amazing scenery and beautiful natural treasures.

Blue Lagoon, Lava & Hot springs

Half a day tour to the Blue Lagoon with visits to close by lava fields & the hot springs area at Krisuvik

Whale Watching & The Golden Circle

Enjoy a day of whale watching, birdlife and the Golden Circle sites off rush hour.

Quad Mad

An adventurous quad tour for those who want more!

Twin Peaks ATV Mountain Experience

An adventurous tour on Quad bikes with breathtaking views. An afternoon filled with excitement, adventures and energy!

Wonderful Sunset Tour

Getting a great view of the beautiful breathtaking sunset while on sled is a perfect experience.

Adventure Tour aws

Join into a unique sport. Get involve with dog sledding.

Amazing tour aws

Get a taste of dogsledding in Iceland whether on dry-land or on snowy winter wonderland.

Vertical Walls

Climb up the vertical walls and feel the fun and excitement. Valshamar Cliffs in Hvalfjörður fjord is perfect for wall climbing.

Snæfellsnes National Park

A great tour to the Snæfellsnes peninsula with breathtaking scenery, birdlife and pure nature.

Express Activity Tour with Snowmobiling

Combine an adrenaline adventure with pure nature and amazing scenery. Try snowmobiling on a glacier.

Whale Watching and Blue Lagoon

This whale watching & Blue lagoon tour is a great choice for a day tour – beautiful nature and relaxation.

Sea angling

Enjoy an afternoon of sea angling. Catch a fish and BBQ it on board or take it home with you to cook. A tour suitable for all ages!

Landmannalaugar & Mt. Hekla

Colorful rhyolite mountains, lava fields, hiking and breathtaking landcape are the highlights of this amazing day tour!

Westman Islands adventure

Day tour to the beautiful Westman Islands with amazing birdlife, scenery, boat tour and much more. A true adventure!

Reykjavik By Food

A taste of the Icelandic food that you might have read about but have never tried before

Reykjavik On Wheels

Reykjavík Bicycling day tour in the city center of Iceland´s capital.

Ultimate Iceland

Magnificent waterfalls, volcano, glacier hike and the dramatic black sands of the south coast of Iceland.

The Icelandic Horse Show and Dinner

Theater show featuring the Icelandic horse. A show that will captivate your heart, and is worth remembering.

The Beautiful South Coast

Visit the beautiful sites of South Coast. From waterfalls to black sand beach, to glaciers to cliffs and a lot more!

South Coast and Glacier Walk

Glacial hike on Solheimajokull glacier and sightseeing at the beautiful south coast.

Dinner at the Lobster House

Join us for scrumptious lobster dinner at Fjörubordid, a famous lobster house in Stokkseyri. They will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Lava and Hot Springs

Join in our tour as we turn the journey to Blue Lagoon an exciting and adventurous one kind of ride!

Iceland Winter Escape

This tour will give you the real taste of Iceland in just three days! Sightseeing, Cave Adventure, Glacier Walk, Ice climbing and relaxing treat at the Blue Lagoon!

Thorsmork Winter Safari

Journey to the wondrous place of the Kingdom of the Thundergod, Thor. Witness the magnificent valley in the midst of winter and be amazed on how stunning it is.

Heritage Tour

Gallop and Tölt along meadows and lava fields. Pass through farms and learn about the Icelandic culture as well as their agricultural side.

Lava Tour

Half day tour with the Viking horse through the great lava field in the surrounding of Mt. Helgafell.

Over & Under

Get the best of both worlds with this amazing tour. Seven hours of pure fun and excitement from the top of the mountains and underneath the earth’s surface.


Journey to the underworld… a hidden world of lava and ice underneath an ancient Lava field.

Golden Circle Safari & Snorkeling

Visit the most popular tourist destination and snorkel in the clearest water of Silfra.

Whale Watching from Husavik

Promises 97-99% whale sightings! An interactive and fun whale watching tour from Husavik.

Skaftafell on Wheels

Explore East Iceland’s best kept secrets on bike. Discover the highest birch forest and other extreme surprises along the way.

White Giant

Glacier hike to the highest peak in Iceland! Experience a breathtaking view of Iceland from the top.

Volcanic Veins

Explore a subterranean wonder world hidden beneath a great ancient lava field. Be amazed with all the great things you will discover.

Volcanic Veins & Blue Lagoon

Caving and Geothermal Spa. Adventure and relaxation. A perfect combination tour for you and your family!

Strytur Chimney Dive

Strytur Chimney Dive offers a unique diving experience that gives you the opportunity to see a rare natural wonder.

South Coast and Jokulsarlon

Sightseeing in South Coast and Jokulsarlon, this tour will take you to the wonders of the south to the glistening ice cap of the east.

Green Iceland

Visit some of Iceland’s geothermal and hydro power plants and learn about renewable energy and witness the abundance of geological activities in Iceland.

Golden Circle Safari & Lava Caving

This trip offers an amazing ride through the landscapes and natural forces that have shaped and continue to shape Iceland. The ultimate super-jeep combo trip from Reykjavik!

Golden Waters

Sightseeing tour to the Golden Circle and Snorkeling adventure all in one tour! A day tour available from Reykjavik.

Golden Grand Slam

The best of South Iceland plus lava caving. A tour you will never forget. A tour that will fill up your adventure cravings.

Glaciers, Volcanoes & Waterfalls

Tour along the most beautiful places in the south shore plus an easy glacier walk. An adventure that is full of twists in every turn!

Thorsmork Action Tour

Action packed 2 days tour includes caving, glacial hiking, ice climbing and a lot more. South Iceland will give you the best sights in Iceland in this 2 days tour.

Kerlingarfjöll & Golden Circle

Kerlingarfjöll & Golden Circle day tour is packed with natural treasures, hidden gems, adventures and breathtaking scenery.

Golden Circle & Green Energy

The classical Golden Circle route with emphasis on green energy. A great way to experience Icelandic nature and hidden gems.

Glacier Explorer

Half day of glacier walk through the wondrous world of winter wonderland. A tour from Skaftafell that will give you full appreciation of glaciers in Iceland.

Full Throttle

Drive to the top of the world and view the whole Reykjavik in a different way. Flow with the raging waves of the river and let your adrenaline pump up! Two adventures, one Tour!

Fast Lava

The Beauty and the Beast, that is what this tour is often called as it is a combination of the beautiful swift Icelandic Horse and the turbo beast Quad bikes.

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier

Hike through the infamous Eyjafjallajokull. A hike up to the glacier to witness the fantastic view from the top.

Delightful Lake Myvatn

This is an amazing journey to the great Lake Myvatn while we pass through the out of this world scenery of Northeast Iceland. Explore the lunar-like features and more!

Deep Into the North Atlantic

Enjoy two dives at Reykjanes Peninsula, in the North Atlantic ocean and Kleifarvatn lake from Reykjavík in Iceland.

Blue Lava

Gallop along the most unique scenery and then get your goggles ready as you dive deep into the clear water of Silfra Fissure.

Blue Lagoon on Wheels

Pedal along the otherworldly part of Iceland and then soak in the ever famous Blue Lagoon after for relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

Blue Ice

Hike along the blue ice paths and explore the ancient glacier. Experience a challenging ice climbing up an ice wall.

Black Lava

Two of the best activities in Iceland; horseback riding on a beautiful Viking horse and Lava tube caving!

Horse Riding and Whale Watching Tour

You will meet the famous celebrities in Iceland, the Viking Horse and the whales! A unique and memorable experience for the entire family.

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