Caving in Buri

Ice Formations

Descend into the dark but extraordinary adventure through this Caving in Buri tour. What you will see inside South Iceland’s biggest cave such as glassy lava walls, ice and lava formations are beyond compare!

Be part of our exploration in Buri lava cave, the most impressive lava tubes and one of the biggest caves in South Iceland. The walls have mystifying shades of red, yellow and black with glassy lava, are about 10 meters span and ceilings are 10 meters of height. The cave goes about 800 meters long with stunning ice sculptures in the cave’s entrance. This cave has been in Iceland for about 5000 years and is a rare of its kind. For cave fanatics that wants a great adventure, join in as we quest inside the great Buri lava cave.

As a bookable extra we offer Blue Lagoon geothermal bathing (+ 4 hours to tour time) where you can relax at the most famous spa in Iceland or additional Reykjanes Coast Geo Park tour for you to explore the alluring black beaches and tectonic rifts. Just select this when you book the tour here to the right and we will add these extra mythical experience to the main tour. We can also drop you off at Keflavik Airport when the tour is over.