Caving in Raufarholshellir

A nice little lava fall in the end
Here there is a little cave hidden with in he cave
Inside one tunnel
This photo gives a clear image how big the cave is, but with in there are bigger hallways than this

Explore the hidden underworld in an amazing lava cave expedition. Caving in Raufarholshellir will take you to the most spectacular lava tube cave and reveal extraordinary ice and lava formations.

Raufarholshellir cave is known for being uniquely 5000 years old and the 3rd largest lava cave in Iceland that is 1500 meters long. Join us as we explore the lava field and the lava tubes within the cave. It also has a collection of ice formations, and hallways that are defined as the biggest in the world. Explore high and low and search deep inside the cave safely with our tour guides. The cave is in good condition and is perfect for cave explorers.

As a bookable extra we offer a visit at Blue Lagoon geothermal spa (+ 4 hours to tour time), we can also take you hiking and then bathing on hot springs (+4 hours to tour time) or additional Reykjanes Coast Geo Park tour where you can witness captivating volcanic site. Just select this when you book the tour here to the right and we will add these extra mythical experience to the main tour. We can also drop you off at Keflavik Airport when Caving in Raufarholshellir is over.