Geothermal Bathing

Get into this unique experience of exotic Geothermal Bathing. This tour will take you into the hidden gem of the south where you can swim and relax as you witness nature unveil its impressive attractions right in front of you.

Come and take part in our tour and we will take you into places where you will see wide lava fields, experience some mild hiking, so better bring with you your reliable hiking boots or shoes; plunging into natural hot springs, where you can enjoy the warm pure water stream; and if you want, we can also tour you into Iceland’s newest Geothermal power plant where you can enjoy geothermal exhibitions. Warm bathing in Iceland is quite popular because of the natural hot springs that can be found everywhere and we don’t have to travel that far or that long to reach our destination because just 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik you can plunge into the hot springs and even enjoy the unspoilt Icelandic nature. Experience Geothermal bathing at Reykjadalur and enjoy nature at its finest.

As a bookable extra we offer Caving in lava tubes (ads up to 3 hours to tour time)where you can explore inside the mysterious caves or additional Reykjanes Coast Geo Park tour (+4 hours to tour time) where you can visit the famous Geothermal sites. Just select this when you book the tour here to the right and we will add these extra mythical experience to the main tour. We can also drop you off at Keflavik Airport when the tour is over.