Golden Circle and Horseback Riding Tourr

Featuring The Golden Circle and Horseback Riding Tour, surely gives you a satisfying and worthwhile trip in a day. A full day of excitement and adventure is what this tour will give you as we take you not only to meet the Icelandic horse but to all the most rewarding places in South Iceland.

We will get you acquainted of Iceland’s pride, the Icelandic horse or better known as the Viking Horse, because of its unique features and its history, this breed of horse has been kept and taken cared of by the locals and its features remained unchanged from the time they were first introduced in Iceland by the first settlers. Truly a treasure well kept in Iceland. You will get a chance to ride them for 2 hours. After the horseback riding and a light meal prepared at the farm, a service bus will pick you up and will take you to the Thingvellir national park where you will see some unique geological features, untouched natural landscapes and a lot more. Then off you will go to Althingi, the oldest parliament that was founded way back in 930 A.D. And if you are still eager to see more, we will take you to see the impressive, sparkling Gullfoss Waterfalls. After seeing water goes down the earth, you will also see it sprout out of the famous Geysir. There are still more exciting things to see and places to visit after that like the symmetrical crater Kerið. And then the last stop over to Hveragerði where you can visit some really imposing greenhouses.

We will pick you up from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik and will take you first to the Horse Farm, then we will take you around the Golden Circle. We will drive you back to your hotel or guesthouse after the Golden Circle and Horseback Riding Tour is over.