Golden Circle Iceland & snowmobiling

A Golden Circle Iceland & snowmobiling daytour

This is a combo trip with Arctic Adventures. You will go to the traditional Golden Circle Iceland tour, driving from Reykjavik to Thingvellir national park. We then drive over Lyngdalsheidi to Geysir hot spring area and head to Gullfoss waterfall after visiting Geysir. After Gullfoss we drive to Langjökull glacier for some great snowmobiling tour. After this we had back to Reykjavik.
Golden Circle Iceland


Thingvellir National Park

The first stop on your Golden Circle Iceland tour is Thingvellir National Park. It is a UNESCO cultural world heritage site and it is the location for the oldest parliament in the world. Also you can find one of the only two tectonic rift valleys in the world. Created by the two continental plates from America and Europe. These two plates are slowly drifting apart from each other – couple of cm each year.

Geysir hot spring area

Next stop – som 9 km away from Gullfoss waterfall – is Geysers – one of the oldest Geysers in the world. It is a site with variious geothermal pools. Most famous is Strokkur that is a erupting hot spring and will go off every 5 minutes or so. This is for sure one of the main highlights of your visit to Iceland, similar as highlights like seeing the northern lights for the first time.

The Gullfoss waterfall

Next stop is the mighty Gullfoss waterfall. Famous 32 meter high waterfall. You will get so close to the waterfall that you can feel the spray from the waterfall in your face.

Snowmobiling on Langjokull

Finally we head off to Langjökull – a glacier not too far from Gullfoss – where we will go for a snowmobiling tour on the glacier. Langjökull is Iceland´s second largest glacier. Hope you will enjoy this Golden Circle Iceland tour.