Green Iceland


Green Iceland Tour will explain everything you need to know about Iceland’s renewable energy as we take you to visit two geothermal power plants, two hydro power plants, methane filling station, and a lot more. You may also get to taste earth-cooked food.

If you wondered about why Icelanders consume higher energy per capita in the entire world, this is because of over abundance of electricity generation.

From Reykjavik we head to the Raudholar Pseudo-craters or Red Hills where you will see rootless vents formed by lava that flowed into a shallow lake. Then we continue to Hengill area, the most powerful geothermal areas on earth. This place is abundant with geological a activity that is the reason why two of largest geothermal plants in Iceland is situated here. Nesjavallavirkjun Power Station on the north side and Hellisheidarvirkjun on the south side. Hellisheidarvirkjun Geothermal Power Plant is our next stop where we will also visit the boreholes.

The tour will proceed to Hveragerdi hot spring area in where you can have a taste of some geothermal baked bread and boil eggs in the hot springs. Moving on to Earthquake simulator & The ‘Quake 2008’ Exhibition after the short stop from the hot springs area. In lunchtime, we will have a buffet with all the traditional Icelandic dishes at the local restaurant.

Ljosafossstod and Irafossstod Power Stations, two hydro power plants will be our next stop. We will tour around the power plant while our informative guide will be giving us some insights about the stations.

After the hydro power plants, we visit yet another geothermal power plant, Nesjavellir geothermal power plant. This power plant generates hot water and electricity supply for the city and other nearby areas.

The Bio Methane pump in Reykjavik will be our last stop. In here we can learn about biological fuel and how Icelanders are utilizing the energy they get from methane fuel.