Lava Tour


Lava Tour — HALF DAY TOUR — Horse back riding into the lava surrounding of Mt. Helgafell.

Horse riding day trip in South Iceland starts in Reykjavík.
This half day tour is ideal for those who want to experience Iceland without participating in a full day tour. The tour starts in Reykjavik and from there we will go through meadows and lava fields and pass several farms which will teach us how agriculture is in Iceland as well as horse breeding and how it have been developed over the decades. The Icelandic horse has more gaits than other horses, it is specially known for tölt. During the tour you will have a good opportunity to experience the gait tölt for we will gallop along good tölt paths. The tölt is a gait exhibited by Icelandic Horses. It is a ‘rack’ or ‘running walk’ with the same footfall pattern as a walk. While tölting, horses do not exhibit the same animation and high knee action as many other breeds. This is a very forward moving, but smooth gait that can carry a rider comfortably over rough ground. After the tour, we will visit an old farmhouse for coffee and some home baked specialty. This tour is a must for all animal and nature lovers.