How To Plan Your Trip To Iceland Around The Weather

How To Plan Your Trip To Iceland Around The Weather

Iceland is a beautiful place to visit and many people who do spend their vacation in this beautiful country take away memories that will last a lifetime, however many first time travelers to this picturesque country wonder how to plan their trip to Iceland around the weather. Here are a few tips that might help.

It’s Iceland

Remember Iceland is close to the arctic circle so no matter what time of year you travel to this country you can expect at some cooler or downright chilly weather. Traveling in the late spring and early summer is probably going to give you the best opportunity to really take in the country, as during the late fall and winter months the weather can make many roads difficult or impossible to travel.
However like anywhere in the world there is no guarantee of what the weather is going to be like on any given day or even from hour to hour, so the first thing you need to do, is to remember why you have chosen to visit Iceland instead of a tropical Island that would almost guarantee you endless days of sunshine. Remember the one stable thing about Iceland’s weather, is it’s unpredictability. While you can watch weather forecasts and try to plan your trip based on those sunnier forecasts, you need to remember that forecasts are simply educated guesses as to what the weather is going to be, and no one regardless of how many instruments they have at their disposable can accurately predict the weather anywhere, not even in Iceland. The simple truth is, while you can plan your visit to Iceland for the warmer months of year, you really can’t plan it around the weather, no matter how hard you may try. So rather than trying to plan that Icelandic adventure, around the weather, why not plan to enjoy it regardless of weather by coming prepared to take this beautiful country in all it’s natural beauty including the weather rain or shine, or cold windy days?

Pack For Any Type of Weather

When traveling to Iceland, you need to remember that a day that starts out warm and sunny may turn cold and rainy within a very short period of time, and vice versa so it important to pack the right clothes for any type of weather. Here is a check list of some of the general clothing items you want to make sure sure including when packing to travel to this country.
• Swimwear- Yep, despite Iceland’s chillier all year round weather, swimwear is something you are going to want to pack as most hotels have either indoor or outdoor pools fed by hot springs and relaxing is one of these pools is going to be something you are not going to want to miss.
• Dark Jeans and Sweater- If you plan on visiting a club or two while in Iceland, then packing a pair of dark jeans and sweater as well as lightweight jacket or coat, is a must for those wanting to fit into the club scene as this is standard wear for a casual night out dancing and drinking.
• A Nice Dress- Women may want to pack one nice dress for eating out in one of Iceland’s smarter restaurants. Try and pack a dress that will be warm for those cooler nights, but that will also be comfortable should the weather be milder.
• Clothes that Easily Layer- You not only want to pack, but also keep clothes that are easy to layer as you go about your activities in Iceland. Start with moisture wicking undergarments, that provide some warmth, a nice cotton or polyester blend shirt, and long pants. Then make sure you include a pull over sweater or two, a light jacket, a heavier jacket made from a waterproof material, and waterproof or at least water resistant foot wear.
• Hat and Scarf- In addition to packing clothes you can mix and match and layer, you also want to include a warm water proof hat, gloves, and a warm scarf just in case the weather turns really cold. Being prepared for any weather is going to enhance your travel experiences as you will be prepared to enjoy yourself regardless of the weather conditions on any given day.

Focus on the Adventure

If you pack the right clothing for all possible weather conditions, then you can spend your time in Iceland, focusing on your adventures rather worrying about whether the day will sunny or overcast. After all, people come to Iceland to experience nature in all it’s raw beauty and to meet and get to know a little about the people who call this country their home. Traveling through Iceland, you will be subjected to beautiful sights, many exciting activities, new foods, and some of the best adventures of your life. When you focus on these adventures you will discover that some of your best memories of this country will center around those gray rainy and windy days when you were warmed by the excitement of being lowered into an empty volcano, Seeing whales off the bow of a ship, or simply enjoying some good old Icelandic hospitality.

Not Every Activity Has To Be An Outside Activity

You also need to remember that not every activity has to be carried out out of doors, for those days when the wind is howling the rain is really pouring down Iceland has a number of art galleries, museums and restaurants you can visit, which will give you a chance to drive the chill from your bones and experience another side to this beautiful country.

Guided Tours vs. Self-Driving

In the end it not so much a matter of planning your trip to Iceland around the weather, as it about embracing Iceland including the weather and setting you mind to having a great time and experience Iceland in all of it’s moods, beauty and changes in weather. It’s about being prepared to experience the adventure of lifetime in one of the most beautiful and sparely populated places on earth!