Northern Lights Explorer

A Iceland northern lights tour with Arctic Adventures

Great northern lights tour in the comfort of a super jeep. Far better to go with a super jeep than bus and the jeeps get to better places where the buses can not go. The trip is guided by a experienced guide. It is rated as family tour for everyone.

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Iceland northern lights tour Iceland northern lights tour Northern lights in Iceland Hotel Ranga

What is unique with this tour?

This tour is a standard super jeep tour and as such is very comfortable compared going with a bus. It has experienced drivers that are used to estimate the conditions for seeing the lights. Most often a Land Rover is the jeep used for this tour.

What is great about this tour?

It is great to have a flexible schedule on a jeep. It can change quite fast where and when the lights can be seen, and some of the roads outside of Reykjavik can be difficult to drive on a normal car. Going with a super jeep means you can probably get where you need to get when the moment comes and you need to be ready to drive into the right direction. They also drive you back to you hotel and pick you up of course.