Landmannalaugar and Mount Hekla

The Landmannalaugar and Mount Hekla Expedition lets you discover “The Pearl of the Central Highlands. With view of the most awe-inspiring landscapes, from the valleys, to the proud mountains, sparkling waterfalls and more breath-taking sights.

On this tour the beauty of mountains and hot springs are to be most anticipated for. From Thjorsardalur, join us as we explore the restored farm Stong. The most prominent volcano in Iceland, Mount Hekla, had once filled this area with ash during its eruption in 1104. But now all you can find are greens and wonders. Then we will visit the valley of Doom where the landscapes are absolutely breathing taking. Valleys and mountains that are covered with ash and tundra that created a unique stunning scenery of green moss and black ash. And completing the journey is a nice bath at Landmannalaugar, the pearl of Iceland’s highlands, where paradise is known to exist. With lots of hot pools and Geothermal activity, this is really a very extraordinary excursion to the highlands.

As a bookable extra we offer geothermal bathing in hot springs (for up to 1 hour) where you can dive in warm steamy bath, and we can also take you hiking (+4 hours to tour time) to enjoy more alluring landscapes that South Iceland has to offer. Just select this when you book the tour here to the right and we will add these extra mythical experience to the main tour. We can also drop you off at Keflavik Airport when the tour is over.