Landmannalaugar Safari

Landmannalaugar Safari is a fully guided super jeep tour that brings you a great geological adventure.

Landmannalaugar is famous from its colorful Rhyolite mountains and hike trails to those who are into mountain hiking. But during winter, the mountains are covered with snow and the colorful Rhyolite mountains are then white winterwonder mountains. Even in winter Landmannalaugar doesn’t loss its fame because its beauty is endless and with its natural geothermal spot, you will simply want to keep on visiting Landmannalaugar all year round.

The spectacular Hekla volcano adds beauty to this tour as we drive along its lava field and take a glimpse of the infamous volcano. Then we will head to Landmannalaugar in our super jeep and drive along streams and rivers. A short stopover at the springs will give you the taste of bathing on a snow covered surroundings! There are lots of things and places to visit on this tour, including Ljotipollur crater and Thorsardalur.The photogenicHjalparfoss will also be one of our pit stop. So get ready with your camera and let us explore Landmannalaugar and its wonderful surroundings!