Midnight Mountain Bath hiking tour

Boiling egg
Bathing in a geothermal river

EVENING TOUR – Dip into a geothermal river in a dark winter night and enjoy the stars and the northern lights.

The tour starts in the daylight, around afternoon, and you will hike to mountain Hengill. In the hike you will experience Iceland´s famous geothermal water rising from the ground. On the way you will experience boiling an egg in one of the many geothermal hot springs, along with tasting bread that has been baked in a hot spring for over 24 hours. Next you will hike to the hot geothermal river and enjoy laying in the hot water listening to the peaceful mountain environment while looking at the stars – and hopefully see the northern lights dancing for you. We will then hike back home with our head lights, as it is pitch dark, and you will listen to Icelandic stories about the trolls and the elves that live in the area. Unforgettable experience that will create memories you will never forget.

Highlights include:
– Hengill mountain
– The Northern lights, if odds are in our favor.
– Amazing nature
– Darkness surrounded by the stars.
– Boiling egg in a hot spring
– Elves and trolls stories

There are two versions of this hiking tour: For Option 1 we go higher up in the mountains and it is a difficult level 3 out of 5. In Option 2 we go lower in the hills – short and easy that suits all levels of fitness. Difficult level 2 out of 5.