Mysterious Midnight Tour

Mysterious Midnight

The mysterious darkness that surrounds you with only the northern lights and the shining stars in the sky to light your path and friendly wolf dogs to accompany you. Mysterious Midnight Tour will take you in an out of the ordinary experience.

Mysterious Midnight Tour will gives you the opportunity to engage in a unique adventure, with our friendly wolf dogs that will make your journey through the winter wonderland gratifying. Dog sledding in Iceland is a popular leisure because Iceland is known to have the most beautiful winter nights with occasional Aurora Borealis that lights up the sky, and if Mother Nature agrees, you will get a chance to catch the amazing natural light show that will enchant you. A well experienced musher will guide you all the way. Not only that our chummy and affectionate dogs will not only give you a lift but will also offer you a good bonding time because they are well trained as well as warm-hearted buddies.

Depending on the snow condition, we operate on two basecamps; Holmasel where we can sled on dry-land along the wonderful glacier river and Skalafell ski resort where we can have a wonderful dog sledding tour on snowy land during winter.



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