Northern lights evening tours

If your main, and maybe only reason for visiting Iceland is to see the Northern lights you naturally want to increase your chances of seeing them. As the lights are a natural phenomenon there is unfortunately not possible to guarantee anything but there are several things you can do to maximize your chances. There are many options to choose from when you need to decide on a northern lights hunt tour. As the lights are only visible when it is dark, the tours depart in the evening unless you are doing a combo tour that usually is a full day. There are many evening tours to choose from, for instance boat tours, super jeep tours and bus tours. The guides do their homework every evening before departure, check the forecast and if it isn´t promising, the tour is canceled. If the tour is running but you don´t see the lights, most tours offer you to come again for free. This varies between tours and companies so please check the terms and conditions before you book. The combo tours don´t give you another tour free as they include northern lights hunt plus some other activity like floating, Golden Circle, snowmobiling or caving. Here you can find a few ideas for northern lights hunt tours if you are having trouble deciding which one suits you best. The northern lights season is from early September to mid April but you can get lucky and see them late August. In summer they aren´t visible due to the 24 hour daylight.