Northern lights hunt in Iceland

One of our superjeeps
Amazing aurora dancing

EVENING TOUR – A Northern lights hunt with an experienced guide. Full of excitement and surprises.

A guided Super Jeep tour where we will go hunting for the magical Northern lights. A tour full of excitement and surprises in an amazing landscape, away from the city lights. When the weather conditions are in our favor, it is an unforgettable experience to see the beautiful Northern lights dancing above you.

Highlights offered:
– A experienced guide/driver
– Northern lights on a clear night and with a little luck
– Amazing landcape
– Full darkness, away from city lights
– Pure nature

The driver picks you up from your hotel/hostel in Reykjavík and will be your private guide for the night. You will drive out of Reykjavík to escape the light pollution and start hunting for the Northern lights. Excitement, surprises, stories, pure nature and much more characterizes this mystery-filled tour. Our driver is experienced and will know the best places to hunt for the lights. On a clear night and with a little luck we will see the magical aurora dancing above us and admire how the lights swirl around in dramatic shapes across the night sky, often in many different colors. Please note that this tour depends on weather conditions and we reserve the right to cancel if the circumstances are not favorable.