Northern lights hunt tours

The selection for northern lights hunt tours is massive and might be difficult to choose the right one. Therefore we have put together a list of various tours to give you an idea what might be best suited for you.

Aurora Borealis – Iceland 2010 from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.



The floating tour is a unique one and the only one in Iceland. You get much more out of the tour than just hunting for the lights. You relax in the warm geothermal Secret lagoon under the sound of Sigurros. You will be fully relaxed after the experience and it is nothing like floating under the winter sky, watching the aurora dancing above you in the darkness and pure Icelandic nature.


Super jeep tours

The super jeep tours are usually combo tours, i.e. a combination of northern lights hunt and some other activity. Some tours are day tours, others are afternoon or evening tours. The most popular ones include northern lights hunt and lobster, Top of the world, and Glacier walk & northern lights. You can also always have a customized tour that suits your needs.


Bus tours

Northern lights bus tours are the cheapest ones but also the most crowded ones. Many companies offer a free tour if the lights don´t show up on your first tour, but you need to check the company you book with whether they have such service.


Boat tours

You can also opt to hunt for the lights by jumping on a boat and have the city lights and mountains as a background. The boats have a lower deck where you can have a seat and get warm if you think it is too cold out on the upper deck. If you plan on taking professional pictures it is better to have a steady ground but it is a unique experience to hunt for the lights out on the open sea.


Dog sledding

Dog sledding is yet another option to go hunting for the lights.


Self drive

Yet another option is to rent a car and hunt for the lights on your own. It is important to keep a good track on the northern lights forecast and also on the weather forecast as the weather in Iceland is unpredictable. Also keep in mind that in winter the roads are slippery so it is important that you are used to driving in winter conditions (icy roads, snow, even blizzards).