Northern Lights Iceland best time

Northern Lights Iceland best timeNorthern Lights Iceland best time: He got heartbroken and wanted to escape. Went first to Sweden, talked to some people and ended up going to Iceland. Got some jeep, traveled far up to the north – all the way to the home of the northern lights in Iceland.

An aurora is a display in the sky particularly in the northern part of the world, around Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Canada. It is caused by collision of energetic particles in the highest altitude and creates the northern lights iceland best time.

Northern Lights Iceland best time: more details

The northern lights are a result from emission of photons in the highest altitude – more than 80km up, made by ionized nitrogen regaining an electron, and oxygen and nitrogen atoms coming from an excited level to a more grounded state.


In Iceland – especially far up in the north it is possible to see the beautiful Aurora. The best time is in October to April each year when we have clear sky and cold weather.  It is ideal due the fact it is between two continents and also because all the great location Iceland has for seeing the the Northern lights.

There are however couple of requirements – there must be a night (keep in mind Iceland has around 6 months without dark nights) – preferably cold and dry weather and very clear sky. The solar storm will need to be hitting the earth. Best time is normally soon after dinner time and best time might be between 21 to late in the morning.

Iceland is actually located directly under the main concentration of the Northern Lights annulus – the socalled Great Belt – an oval cosmic light that goes around earth offaxis.

Dont forget to plan your northern lights iceland best time tour early as hotels can be overbooked in the most busiest seasons of the year.