Northern Lights by Bus in Iceland

One of the best options to catch the aurora borealis in Iceland is to go see the northern lights by bus with Reykjavik Excursions.

What is unique about a northern lights by bus tour?

Most people like to go and see the northern lights with other people. On a bus tour you have a lot of other travelers to share your experience with. Just going to a place somewhere outside of Reykjavík, in the middle of the winter on a dark night, is a great experience. Many just think of catching a glimpse of the northern lights as nice bonus. Plus, you have the comfort of just relaxing on a warm bus to and from the sight-seeing spot, and the chance to make new friends. Due to this all, finding the northern lights by bus is probably the most popular way for tourists to try to see them.



One of the best way to see the northern lights on a organized tour in Iceland is to go on a Reykjavik Excursions bus tour. These northern lights by bus tours are very popular and each year tens of thousands jump onto the bus and travel for 30-60 min to the best location outside of Reykjavik. The location visited are different every tour since it really depends on the cloud forecast where the lights are most likely to be seen each night. They also offer you to go again next night if you are unlucky and wont see the lights in your first trip. Refreshments not included.
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