Heritage Tour

Gallop and Tölt along meadows and lava fields. Pass through farms and learn about the Icelandic culture as well as their agricultural side.

Lava Tour

Half day tour with the Viking horse through the great lava field in the surrounding of Mt. Helgafell.

Over & Under

Get the best of both worlds with this amazing tour. Seven hours of pure fun and excitement from the top of the mountains and underneath the earth’s surface.


Journey to the underworld… a hidden world of lava and ice underneath an ancient Lava field.

The Golden Circle, Iceland

The main attraction of Iceland is the Golden Circle. Find out why it is the best route to visit.

Golden Circle Safari & Snorkeling

Visit the most popular tourist destination and snorkel in the clearest water of Silfra.

Whale Watching from Husavik

Promises 97-99% whale sightings! An interactive and fun whale watching tour from Husavik.

Northern Lights and Nature Bath

Sightseeing in the Lake Mývatn area, an Icelandic dinner, bathing in nature baths and chasing Northern Lights!

Skaftafell on Wheels

Explore East Iceland’s best kept secrets on bike. Discover the highest birch forest and other extreme surprises along the way.

White Giant

Glacier hike to the highest peak in Iceland! Experience a breathtaking view of Iceland from the top.

Volcanic Veins

Explore a subterranean wonder world hidden beneath a great ancient lava field. Be amazed with all the great things you will discover.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Auroras

Iceland in a Nutshell, Iceland in miniature; these are the terms used when describing Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The place has wondrous of magnificent scenery.

Volcanic Veins & Blue Lagoon

Caving and Geothermal Spa. Adventure and relaxation. A perfect combination tour for you and your family!

Strytur Chimney Dive

Strytur Chimney Dive offers a unique diving experience that gives you the opportunity to see a rare natural wonder.

South Coast and Jokulsarlon

Sightseeing in South Coast and Jokulsarlon, this tour will take you to the wonders of the south to the glistening ice cap of the east.

Green Iceland

Visit some of Iceland’s geothermal and hydro power plants and learn about renewable energy and witness the abundance of geological activities in Iceland.

Landmannalaugar in Time of Northern Lights

Landmannalaugar offers unbelievably stunning nature and dancing northern lights.

The ideal proposal – top 10

Here is our top 10 for the ideal proposal in Iceland

Golden Circle Safari & Lava Caving

This trip offers an amazing ride through the landscapes and natural forces that have shaped and continue to shape Iceland. The ultimate super-jeep combo trip from Reykjavik!

Golden Waters

Sightseeing tour to the Golden Circle and Snorkeling adventure all in one tour! A day tour available from Reykjavik.

Northern Lights Explorer

Let us escape the busy lights of the city and chase the wonderful sky show. Be a Northern Lights Explorer!

Northern Lights Voyager

Visit all the wonderful tourist’s destination in South Iceland plus get a taste of lava caving and glacial walk. A taste of fire and ice.

Golden Grand Slam

The best of South Iceland plus lava caving. A tour you will never forget. A tour that will fill up your adventure cravings.

Glaciers, Volcanoes & Waterfalls

Tour along the most beautiful places in the south shore plus an easy glacier walk. An adventure that is full of twists in every turn!

Thorsmork Action Tour

Action packed 2 days tour includes caving, glacial hiking, ice climbing and a lot more. South Iceland will give you the best sights in Iceland in this 2 days tour.

Kerlingarfjöll & Golden Circle

Kerlingarfjöll & Golden Circle day tour is packed with natural treasures, hidden gems, adventures and breathtaking scenery.

Golden Circle & Green Energy

The classical Golden Circle route with emphasis on green energy. A great way to experience Icelandic nature and hidden gems.

Glacier Explorer

Half day of glacier walk through the wondrous world of winter wonderland. A tour from Skaftafell that will give you full appreciation of glaciers in Iceland.

Full Throttle

Drive to the top of the world and view the whole Reykjavik in a different way. Flow with the raging waves of the river and let your adrenaline pump up! Two adventures, one Tour!

Fast Lava

The Beauty and the Beast, that is what this tour is often called as it is a combination of the beautiful swift Icelandic Horse and the turbo beast Quad bikes.

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier

Hike through the infamous Eyjafjallajokull. A hike up to the glacier to witness the fantastic view from the top.

Delightful Lake Myvatn

This is an amazing journey to the great Lake Myvatn while we pass through the out of this world scenery of Northeast Iceland. Explore the lunar-like features and more!

Deep Into the North Atlantic

Enjoy two dives at Reykjanes Peninsula, in the North Atlantic ocean and Kleifarvatn lake from Reykjavík in Iceland.

Blue Lava

Gallop along the most unique scenery and then get your goggles ready as you dive deep into the clear water of Silfra Fissure.

Blue Lagoon on Wheels

Pedal along the otherworldly part of Iceland and then soak in the ever famous Blue Lagoon after for relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

Blue Ice

Hike along the blue ice paths and explore the ancient glacier. Experience a challenging ice climbing up an ice wall.

Black Lava

Two of the best activities in Iceland; horseback riding on a beautiful Viking horse and Lava tube caving!

Horse Riding and Whale Watching Tour

You will meet the famous celebrities in Iceland, the Viking Horse and the whales! A unique and memorable experience for the entire family.

Black and Blue

Caving and Snorkeling tour will give you both the unique experience of underneath the earth and underwater.

Arctic Glacier Camp

Super Jeep tour on snow-covered glacier, winter wonderland camping, lava tube adventure and a lot more!

Hotel Highland

Hotel Highland, the only hotel of real standard operating in the highlands, is one of the best places for a Northern lights hunt.

Top 40 fun things to do in Iceland

Need ideas what to do in Iceland? Read this and you will for sure find something that interests you.

7 summer days in Iceland – editor´s choice

7 summer days in Iceland – editor´s choice

Finding accommodation in Reykjavík

Accommodation in Reykjavík varies from hostels and hotels to suits and apartments, low-cost to luxury. We can help you find the right accommodation for your trip!

4 winter days in Iceland – editor´s choice

What would we do if we had four days in Iceland in winter. Here is the editor´s choice.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

Volcanic eruptions in Iceland

The humble history of Iceland

The humble history of Iceland When Iceland is mentioned, the first thing that crops up in people’s mind is that it must be covered in ice, as suggested by the name. But, in fact, it is not so. Iceland has beautiful lush green meadows, nice people and a rich history. The country has many volcanoes, […]

Design March

All you need to know about the Design March Festival

Icelandic swimming pools

Icelandic swimming pools – an experience of a lifetime!

The Blue Lagoon and surroundings

A great half day tour where you will experience the beautiful and powerful nature of Iceland, and then soak in the famous Blue Lagoon for 2 hours.

What is the midnight sun of Iceland?

Enjoy the midnight sun in Iceland.

Kleifarvatn Diving Tour

Get ready for an out of this world experience with Kleifarvatn Diving Tour as you go diving underwater to a strange yet colorful lake.

Caving in Raufarholshellir

Explore a 5000 years old lava cave and check out the wonderful ice and lava formations.

Geothermal Bathing

Dip into the warm river in the hidden gem, Reykjadalur, while witnessing nature at its finest.

Caving in Lava Tubes

Unravel the mystery that lies within Leidarendi lava cave. Great for adventure seekers and cave enthusiasts.

Top 10 sights to visit in Iceland capital – Reykjavík

Top 10 sights to visit when in Reykjavík

Festivals Made For Children

Iceland is packed with cultural events that really values the core of Iceland history.

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Magnificent showcase of arts; classical and modern is the highlight of the Reykjavik Arts Festival.

Food and Fun Festival

All culinary fans out there, this festival will call your attention. Presenting the outstanding chefs from different parts of the world

Where to Get Those Unique Icelandic Souvenirs

Know where you can buy unique Icelandic Souvenirs in Iceland. In addition to the list are the must have souvenirs that you can bring back home.

What I wish I had known

We asked tourists what they wish they had known before arrival and here are a few answers.

Winter Wonderland

A primer on what to do in Iceland when you visit the winter wonderland

What are the Northern Lights?

We look at the question: “What are the Northern Lights?”

Greenland & Iceland northern lights video

Great northern lights video. They were 4 days shooting in Iceland and 6 days in Greenland.

Horse Riding and Blue Lagoon Combination Tour

Go horseback riding with the historical Icelandic horse at a farm and after a fun morning, we will take you swimming at the famous Blue Lagoon.

Landmannalaugar and Mount Hekla

This tour will captivate you by the beauty of highlands. From mountains to hot springs, you will witness South Iceland’s magnificent show of nature.

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