Reykjanes Geopark

Reykjanes Geopark — The hidden diamond of the south. Lots of geological remains and activities that are worth seeing.

Facts about Iceland

A few facts about Iceland – a fun read!

How to Take Better Winter Photos

Tips and techniques on how to capture that perfect dramatic winter photos. You might be pointing at a wrong angle as you think but that would capture the whole beauty, find out why.

Whale Watching Andrea

Come aboard and join the biggest whale watching boat in Iceland with Whale Watching Andrea Tour. Education, fun and excitement all in one trip!

Adventures on the sea

Explore the sea adventures in Iceland

Crossing the Bridge that Connects Two Continents

Experience crossing two continents in just few minutes. Get that spectacular experience only here in Iceland, because it is indeed more fun here in Iceland.

Experience Iceland through a local

See Iceland through the eyes of an Icelander

Top ten things to do around Reykjavík

Here is a list for top ten things to do in and around Reykjavík, an ideal itinerary!

30 Things You Should Know About Iceland

30 interesting facts about Iceland

Best ski resorts in Iceland

Iceland is ideal for skiing and here you can find information about the best ski resorts.

What are the Northern lights?

Here you will find good information about the magical Northern lights.

Where to buy groceries in Iceland

When in Iceland, you will find many supermarkets and local stores with groceries. Here are some useful information about grocery shopping in Iceland.

Fantasy World

Iceland is a true fantasy world, find out why!

Why Icelanders are happy & healthy

Icelanders are among the happiest nations in the world. Find out why!

Midnight Mountain Bath hiking tour

Dip into a geothermal river in a dark winter night and enjoy the stars and the northern lights.

Driving in Iceland

Here you will find useful information about driving in Iceland.

Weather in Iceland during winter

How is the weather in Iceland in winter? Is it safe to drive? What should I wear? Find the answers here!

4 day self drive in West Iceland

A 4 day self-drive itinerary of West Iceland, including Snæfellsnes peninsula.

New Years in Iceland

A few things that is good to know about New Years in Iceland

What to wear in winter

Here you will find answers to what to pack before heading to Iceland in winter.

Aurora boreal en Islandia

Aquí se puede encontrar informaciones útiles sobre la aurora boreal en Islandia.

Romantic get-aways

Iceland is perfect for romantic getaways. Here are a few ideas you might find helpful.

What to do in Reykjavík after dinner in winter

Although it gets dark early, Reykjavík doesn´t fall asleep after dinner in winter. Here are a few ideas how you can spend a winter evening in the capital.

The truth about tipping in Iceland

Should I tip in Iceland or not? Find the answer here.

Iceland Airwaves

Iceland Airwaves is one of the biggest and coolest music festivals in the world. Something all music lovers simply can´t miss out on!

Planning a wedding in Iceland

Good ideas to help you plan a dream wedding in Iceland.

Children friendly restaurants in Reykjavík

When travelling with children, it is important to find a good place to enjoy a meal. Here are a few ideas.

Aurora photography

When you experience the Northern lights, you probably want to capture the moment. Here are some good pointers for keeping your Northers lights experience alive.

Aurora borealis – general information

Good basic information about the Northern lights.

Restaurants in Reykjavík

You will find a great selection of restaurants in Reykjavík. Here we will give you a few ideas for a fancy night out.

Reykjavík with kids

Reykjavík is a child-friendly city and here are some good ideas how to spend the day

What to do in Reykjavik on a budget?

Some ideas what you can do for free/few pennies in Reykjavik

The best types of food in Iceland

Icelandic cuisine is both traditional and modern. The list of delicacies is long but here you find a few ideas.

Last minute – Deal of the Day

Last minute – Deal of the Day   The last minute deal of the day (35% OFF) is for the Golden Circle Ultimate with Floating tour. It is departing 12:30 on the 17 October. It is only for this day and we have only 3 seats available. See tour here If you are interested please […]

Akureyri: The bustling city of North Iceland

Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland, with its skiing restorts, aurora, mountains and charm, is a place you must visit.

Iceland: An undiscovered surfing paradise

Iceland is idea for surfing, especially for those who want the ocean to themselves.

The Nights and Lights in Reykjavík

Reykjavík during winter is magical in its own way. Even though it can get cold, the Northern lights, the cafés and much more make up for it.

Icelandic Waterfalls

Icelandic waterfalls are beautiful, pure and powerful, and can be found all over the country.

Hellisheiðavirkjun Power Plant

Geothermal power plants in Iceland are unique and environamental friendly. Learn more about Hellisheiðavirkjun Power Plant.

The Westfjords & Hornstrandir in Iceland

The Westfjords is where you can enjoy & relax in pure and unspoiled nature. Whether it´s a 24 hour daylight in summer or aurora in the sky in winter, you won´t be disappointed!

The story of Halldor Laxness nobel winning writer

Halldór Laxness is an award winning 20th century writer and a Nobel prize winner. Someone you must know something about when you visit Iceland.

Puffins in Iceland

Puffins are fun and intelligent birds worth seeing. Learn about puffins in Iceland.

The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is unique in many ways. Learn all about the breed, its gates, colors and history.

Geothermal Heat in Iceland

Geothermal heat in Iceland has been used to heat up houses and for electricity. Environmental friendly and a good role model for the future.

Lopapeysa- The Icelandic Wool Sweaters

The Icelandic wool sweater, lopapeysa, has been around for a long time. It´s warm, beautiful and fits everyone.

Imagine Peace Tower

The Imagine Peace Tower is located in Videy, a small island just outside of Reykjavik. During winter it lights up the sky and it´s magical to see it with the aurora.

Hallgrímskirkja Church

Hallgrímskirkja church is one of Reykjavik´s symbols. Visit the tower and enjoy the view, listen to the amazing organ music and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

Best places to swim in Iceland

Iceland is well know for its swimming pools and natural geothermal spas. Here is a list of ideas where you can go to relax.

Skogar Museum

Skógar Museum is a remarkable museum at Hvolsvollur that will bring you back in time. The history of Iceland in a nutshell.


The island of Vigur is a beautiful place that brings you close to nature and the old times.

5 best coffee houses in Reykjavik

Enjoy the best cup of coffee in Reykjavik.

The Big Fish Day

The Big Fish day in Dalvík is a great experience for fish lover at all ages.

Incredible Close-Up Drone Video from Holuhraun in Iceland

Incredible Close-up drone video A epic video shot with a quadcopter from the Holuhraun eruption in Iceland. It is so close the GoPro camera melted. It is shot by Eric Cheng and joined by the local Icelander Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson.

Whimsical Asbyrgi: One of Iceland’s treasured wonders

Whimsical Asbyrgi: One of Iceland’s treasured wonders.

Christmas in Iceland

Christmas time in Iceland is very festive. The 13 Icelandic yule lads, Christmas lights and everyone filled with true Christmas spirit

Culture Night in Reykjavík

The Culture Night in Reykjavík is held every year in August. Great fun and a perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Borgarnes:  A quaint little town filled with rich history

Borgarnes is a picturesque town with a remarkable history.

Vatnajokull National Park

Vatnajökull National Park has an outstanding mix of of outlet glaciers and dynamic ice cap, geothermal energy and sub- glacial volcanic activity.

The Geysir and Strokkur Geothermal Field

The geyser fields in southwestern Iceland comprise spectacular sights within easy driving distance from the capital of Reykjavik.

Lake Mývatn

Lake Mývatn, one of Iceland´s most beautiful places, with its rock formations, geothermal activity, bird life, nature and beautiful surroundings.

Cheap things to do in Reykjavík

A list of things to do in Reykjavik that will make you and your wallet blissfully content.

Caves in Iceland

Learn about all the main caves in Iceland, both close to Reykjavik and outside in the country side in Iceland



New Year holidays in Iceland

Enjoy good food, spectacular fireworks and the exuberant night life in Reykjavik with this New Year holidays package.

Golden Circle and snorkeling at Silfra

Great tour combining snorkeling at Silfra, Thingvellir national park and the Golden Circle attractions, Gullfoss and Geysir.

Discover the magic of Christmas in Iceland

See with your own eyes why CNN travel voted Reykjavik as the Top Christmas Holiday Destination.

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