Reykjanes Geopark

The hidden diamond of the south, Reykjanes Geopark is furnished with notable and outstanding geological remains.

We will tour you around the Suðurnes region on Reykjanes peninsula where you can witness captivating volcanic site, Geothermal sites, alluring black beaches, tectonic rifts, Grindavik’s finest tourist destinations such as; the fishing town and the old ruins, and a lot more exciting trails to travel along the Reykjanes peninsula. There are endless list of historical and geographical sites that everyone can find their own interests with. For those who are fond of captivating scenery and geological sites,Reykjanes Geopark Tour fits you.

As a bookable extra we offer Blue Lagoon geothermal bathing (4 hours on tour & 4 hours for bathing) for free where you can plunge in one of the most popular geothermal spa in Iceland, and we can also take you caving in lava tubes for lava and ice formations galore. Just select this when you book the tour here to the right and we will add these extra mythical experience to the main tour. We can also drop you off at Keflavik Airport when Reykjanes Geopark tour is over.