Sea angling

The boat
The Old Harbour in Reykjavík
BBQ-ing on board

HALF DAY TOUR – Sea angling is a great adventure for all age groups. We depart from the Old Harbor in Reykjavik, enjoy the panoramic view of the capital and catch fish. On our way back we bbq the fish and enjoy a lovely meal. So far we´ve had 100% fishing success! Each tour takes 2.5 – 3 hours.

We set off from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík at 16:00 and head out to Faxaflói Bay. During Puffin season (mid May -mid August) we often stop by the puffin island on our way to the fishing grounds. So far we have caught fish in every tour and had a great time. Don´t worry if you haven´t been sea angling before, our crew will happily guide you. The fish you can expect to catch are cod, haddock, halibut, catfish and pollock.

This tour is suitable for everyone at all ages. It´s fun and relaxing, the surroundings is stunning and the air is really fresh. You´ll get an opportunity to spend a lot of time with your captain and the crew, who are always willing to tell entertaining stories of the sea and willing to answer questions you might have.

Highlights include:
– BBQ the fish you cought or take it home with you to cook.
– 100% fishing success.
– Puffins at puffin island (during puffin season, May – August)
– Chat with your captain and crew
– The adventure of sea angling.