Strytur Chimney Dive


Strytur Chimney Dive offers you the chance to have a remarkable under the sea experience. Strytan is a natural wonder unlike anything else in the world

Strytur cones are found 70 meters deep seafloor in Eyjafjörður, they are actually giant geothermal silica cones made out of magnesium-silicate from the sea and are the only one of its kind ever discovered around the globe. These cones are formed from the end of the last ice age which is about 10,000 years ago. Cones like these are rarely seen since they are usually found 2000-6000 meters deep into the sea making them really difficult to discover. But in the year 1997 Icelanders Erlender Bogason together with Arni Halldosson and Níels Jónsson found the 55 meter high cone and they named it Strytan. The peak of the cone about 15 meters under the sea surface gushes out around 100 liters of hot water (75 degrees Celsius) per second into the ocean.