The ideal proposal – top 10


When it comes down to finding the best, most romantic and even a unique way to pop the questions, many great ideas cross the mind or maybe non. Iceland is powerful in so many ways. Here you find mountains, waterfalls, northern lights, the midnight sun, glaciers, hot springs, volcanic craters, caves, ice bergs and we could go on and on. It doesn´t matter where it is spring, autumn, summer or winter, you can always find something unique, romantic and powerful. If you fancy the power of nature, unique circumstances and amazing views, here are our top 10 ideas for popping the question. Whether your budget is high or low, it doesn´t matter. We would be happy and honored to help you plan the perfect proposal.


1. Pop the question upon a glacier. Now that is a story to share with family and friends! Whether you choose to go on a snowmobiling tour or rent a helicopter to fly to the top, to propose on the top of a glacier is something you and your loved one will never forget!


2. Relaxation, massage, floating, champagne and a proposal in the under the northern lights doesn´t sound too bad! You can do this in a group tour or as a private tour. The staff will help you with all the planning and to make the evening unforgettable.


3. You can find caves everywhere in Iceland. Small ones, larger ones and even an ice cave. To plan a nice day tour with a stop at one of the caves, where you would pop the questions, is an adventurous and a romantic way indeed to pop the question!


4. Those who have seen the northern lights know how magical they are. Dancing in the winter sky, changing colors and glittering above your head, it hardly gets more romantic than that. Plan a private tour to hunt for the lights and pop the question under the dancing aurora.

bridge between two continents

5. How does it sound to pop the question in two continents? You might not know this but in Iceland you can stand on two continental plates at Reykjanes Peninsula and at the National Park, Thingvellir. At Reykjanes there is a bridge where you can cross from one continental plate to another. How romantic would it be, especially if one of you is from USA and the other one from Europe, to get engaged crossing the two continents.


6. Waterfalls are everywhere in Iceland but it isn´t often you can walk behind one. Seljalandsfoss waterfall is located on the south coast. It is a beautiful waterfall and behind it is a path where you can walk and enjoy the view from under the waterfall. It´s not just a lovely place to be, it is also very romantic and a perfect spot to propose.


7. The Glacial Lagoon (Jökulsárlón) is one of many magical places in Iceland. It is famous for many reasons, for instance for being a filming site for a James Bond movie. In summer you can sail on the lagoon and popping the questions surrounded with icebergs is truly a unique and a romantic gesture.


8. The crater lake Kerið is within an hour´s drive from Reykjavik. The route from Reykjavik to Kerið is a nice one. There are many places to make stops on the way, such as Hveragerði where you can hike and relax in the nature baths, and also have a lovely lobster dinner by the coast at Eyrarbakki. When you come to the crater lake, you can walk down to the bottom where there is a small lake. The sound down there is amazing and if you are a good singer you can charm your loved one with a love song before you propose.


9. The Blue lagoon is always a lovely place to visit. Surrounded with lava, you have many options on where and how to pop the question. You can plan an adventurous day at Reykjanes peninsula (where the lagoon is located) and then end the day by popping the questions in or by the lagoon. In winter you might even get lucky and add the northern lights to the picture.


10. The midnight sun in Iceland is truly unique and romantic. No matter where you are located in the country, it will always be a romantic night. You can pick a mountain, a geothermal pool, glacier or even just a walk by the sea in the capital, Reykjavik. The summer nights in Iceland just can´t fail!