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ADVENTURE TOUR – Go extreme! On this adventure tour you will get the ultimate mountain experience. Use ATVs on beaten and rough paths of the Twin Peaks and experience a “million dollar view” of Reykjavik.

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping we recommend this tour. Here you will explore the Twin Peaks on ATVs. Twin Peaks is where the mountains Hafrafell & Úlfarsfell are located, within the Reykjavik area, where you will see a breathtaking view of Reykjavik and surroundings from all angles.

The driver picks you up at your accommodation in Reykjavik and we begin the ATV ride from the base camp along the gravel road of Lake Hafravatn. We head up to the mountain trail of Hafrafell and once there, enjoy the stunning view of the whole Reykjavik area and the surrounding mountain range. Dont forget to take lots of pictures.

After an hour, we will head to the “other peak” which is Mountain Úlfarsfell where you will not only have the view of Reykjavik, but also the bay area and Reykjanes Peninsula. If you are lucky to be on this mountain on a clear day, you might be able to see Snæfellsjökull glacier that is hundreds of kilometers away.

So for those who like an adventurous tour and want to expand their ATV/Quad experience, Twin Peaks is a great choice.

– Ride ATV/Quad with skilled tour guides.
– Head up to the mountain trail of Hafrafell for a stunning view of Reykjavik.
– Head to Mountain Úlfarsfell.
– See the breathtaking view of Reykjavik, bay area, Reykjanes Peninsula and
Snæfellsjökull glacier.
– Expand your ATV/Quad experience by riding through gravel roads, mountain tracks, rocky
paths and steep ascent.