Watch the lights dance in a natural spa

Hunt for the mysterious northern lights also known as the Aurora Borealis and take a bath at Fontana natural spa.

It is a dream to become true to go to Fontana natural spa in Laugarvatn and lie there in the warm water waiting for the northern lights to show up. Far better than standing out in the wind and cold on a top of mountain. First you will go to Thingvellir national park and then to Fontana natual spa. We will be there for some time but also take a extra drive to hunt for the lights if needed. Included is a warm drink and snack before heading back to Reykjavik in the late evening.

northern lights natural spa


The northern lights are not easy to see and can of course not be guaranteed to see. We will however do our best. This tour is done on a modified super-jeeps and fit well for difficult weather in wintertime in Iceland.