Westman Islands adventure

Westman Islands
Westman Islands View
Klettshellir cave

DAY TOUR – Get to see the most famous volcano island of Iceland located in Heimaey, Westman Islands. You will learn about its history and wonders, see puffins and other wildlife, and do an optional boat tour around the island.

The Westman Islands is a very popular place in Iceland not just because of its tourist destinations, but also because of its history. It is rated at #4 in terms of top picks in Iceland by the Lonely Planet web edition. In January 1973, inhabitants were woken up in the middle of the night because a devastating lava stream was heading towards their homes. Just like from a movie, a 1600 meter fissure started spewing lava and notoriously glided towards the peaceful yet thriving fishing town in Heimaey.

We will travel by bus from Reykjavik, drive towards the south coast and take a ferry to Heimaey. After a great day in the Westman Islands, we will fly back to Reykjavík, which takes around 20 minutes.

Optional boat tour all over the island:

You have the option to take a boat tour in order to explore various interesting places at Heimaey. The boat will circle the island and we will enjoy an amazing birdlife, wonderful caves and even have the oppotunity to observe whales. At the end of the boat trip, we will sail into the Klettshellir (Cliff Cave), where a musical instrument is played by the inhabitants as they boast and showcase the stunning acoustics of the caves that creates a sensational and serene experience. From there, we re-enter the harbor and end the boat tour.

The boat tour is popular and widely available during the summer, with duration of approximately 1.5 hours and is not included in the price. This tour can be booked when we arrive in Heimaey.

– A non-guided bus to Landeyjahöfn harbour
– A ferry/boat tour going to Westman Islands (included in the price)
– The biggest puffin colony in Iceland
– An English-speaking tour guide for a sightseeing bus tour in Heimaey Island
– Eldfell volcano that erupted in 1973
– Pompei for the north exacavation
– The village of Heimaey Island
– Sighseeing flight back to Reykjavik