Whale watching in Reykjavik

Whale watching in Reykjavik

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SHORT TOUR - Enjoy the unspoiled nature and wildlife of Iceland on a brand new and fast whale watching boat, one of its kind in Iceland. See the whales in their natural environment. Over 90% viewing success!

Whale watching is a unique experience. To see the whales in their natural environment is simply wonderful and they usually get very close to the boat. During puffin season we make a stop by puffin island to admire these clever little birds. Puffin season is 1st May – 20th August and during that time, thousands of puffins are on the island. It only takes around 20-25 minutes from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík to get to where the whales are and the guides will tell you about the different kids of whales you can expect to see.

This whale watching tour is different from other whale watching tours offered in the sense that the boat used is new, fast and luxurious. On this tour, you get the same amount of time whale watching as on other whale watching tours, just less time waiting.

The viewing success rate is 90% but if you are one of the few unlucky ones, you will get another tour free of charge. If you are cold, we have warm overalls you can borrow and there is also a lovely heated seating area with large windows for viewing. Your guide and crew will be of assistance during the tour

- Whales in their natural environment
- Puffins (during puffin season, 1st May - 20th August)
- New, luxurious and fast whale watching boat
- 90% viewing success
- If no whales are seen on your tour, you get another tour for free
- Experienced guides and crew


Tour to see the magic in Iceland

Northern Lights from John Welsh on Vimeo.


Northern Lights Iceland TourNorthern Lights Iceland Tour: To plan a trip to Iceland to see the Northern lights will probably be one of the best trips you have decided to go on.  Northern light evening tours in Iceland are one option in fullfilling your dream to experience the Northern lights.  If the sky is clear and the temperature is below zero, these wonderful lights will give you an amazing and colourful show.


The best time to visit Iceland to see the Northern lights is from October to April.   Tours are offered during winter so it is easy to book one.   It is predicted that the lights will be at their brightest level in 2012 so do not miss out of the opportunity to see this wonder of nature at its best. Northern lights Iceland tour is something that can be a great experience.


The Northern lights in Iceland are magical and it is possible to see them in Reykjavík but they are even more clearer away from the city lights.  Therefore, Northern lights Iceland tours will help you experience this wonder of nature and give you the time of your life.  It is easy to book and if you need any help planning your Northern lights trip, we are happy to help you find the tour that suits your needs.  Just send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible so you will get a great Northern Lights Iceland tour.

Hotel Gullfoss

Hotel Gullfoss

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Located between Gullfoss and Geysir, Hotel Gullfoss is a perfect place to relax after a long day touring the Golden Circle.

Our rooms are small size and fairly prices, so nothing fancy, but they are well equipped with large beds, your own bathroom, tea/coffee facilities, wardrobe, TV and fluffy pillows. Outside we have two hot tubs waiting for you. The hotel is the only hotels located in walking distance from the world famous Gullfoss waterfall, so the location is great for travelers wanting to avoid the rush hours. Close by we have Geysir geothermal area - only 10 min drive away.



The New Year in Iceland seen from a Wi-Fi quadricopter

The New Year in Iceland

Bird-eye view from a Wi-Fi quadricopter

Great video from Andres Sighvatsson living in Iceland

This video is shot in Aslands area in Hafnarfjordur (Reykjavik area) in Iceland and is shot 3 minutes to midnight. He got the quadricopter in December and this was his third flight. He said he did not need any experience to start flying the quadricopter, just inserted the battery and start flying. The drone has a Go-Pro camera embedded.