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3 days self-drive tour to West and North

Enjoy the west and north of Iceland with this 4 days self drive idea that has a combination of adventure, exloring and relaxation.

This self-drive ideas is for those who want to experience adventure and relaxation in the west and part of north of Iceland. You will go to Akranes and Borgarnes in the west and Blonduos, Skagafjörður and Siglufjordur in the northern part where you can do many things and stay in great accommodations. This is one self-drive idea that will tell you the beauty of Iceland.



Day 1 – Arrival in Keflavik Airport; Drive to Akranes

You arrive in Keflavik Airport at around late morning and do the necessary things needed for your 3-day vacation. The first thing to do is get your rental car in Thrifty and do the 1 hour and 30-minute drive your first destination, Akranes. Akranes is a beautiful town where you can just relax and enjoy the awesome sights since you just arrived in Iceland. No need to go on an adventure first, so this town is the perfect first stop. You can go to the Langisandurinn (The Long Sand), which is one of the best tourist attractions with its attractive bathing beaches where you can swim and just relax with family or friends. You can also visit the Museum Area in Gardar that tells the stories of the town. And from the town, you can get a great view of Mt. Akrafjall that is breathtaking. Afterwards, you can pick a great restaurant such as the Galito for a lunch full of great meals.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Atli Harðarson

After lunch, you can go to the small town of Borgarnes that is located on a peninsula at the shore of Borgarfjörður.
One of the places of interest that you should go is the Church of Borgarnes. This famous tourist attraction is known for its great architecture and how it is visible throughout the town. Afterwards, you can go to various trourist attractions in the city such as Puppet Museum of Bruduheimar and a museum in The Settlement Centre. While the town is small, you can be assured you will see a lot of attractions here.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: yashima

Afterwards, you can go straight to Hotel Bru for dinner and check in. And if you are lucky, you will be able to see the Northern Lights. And you don’t have to worry because the hotel staff will give you a wake up call when the lights appear. Here is the map for Day 1:

Day 2 – Exploring the North: Blönduós and Skagafjörður

Have breakfast in Hotel Bru and check out. From there, you can do the almost 3-hour drive to Blönduós, a small seaside town in the north of Iceland. The first place of interest that you can go is the Blönduós Church, which is famous for its unusual architecture. The church was designed based on its surrounding mountains and landscape and has good acoustics, which make the sound carry well and beautifully for singing.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: JasonParis

Another place that you can go to is the 9-hold golf course, especially if you are a golfer and want to get our more in your 3-day vacation in Iceland. The golf course is located just north of the town and you can inquire their golfing activities there. Afterwards, you can either fo bird watching, hiking (like in the Húnaflói area) and bird watching. Another famous activity that you can do is salmon fishing in Blanda River. You will never run out of things to do here in Blönduós. Before leaving Blönduós, have lunch in Potturinn Restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious food at reasonable prices that includes Italian, Indian, Icelandic and vegetarian.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: eskimo_jo

The next place you go is the municipality of Skagafjörður.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Gúnna

One of the things you can do is river rafting to continue the adventurous streak on this day. Skagafjörður is known as the capital of whitewater rafting in Iceland, where there are powerful and wild glacial rivers in remoteness of the municipality. The water is always on high levels, which adds more adrenaline when doing this extreme sport. You can ask tour companies such as Nordic Travel and Arctic Adventures regarding river rafting in this municipality.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Stig Nygaard

Afterwards, you can relax and rejuvenate in one of the seven pools of the municipality. You can try the hot springs and pools of Sauðárkrókur where you sit in a traditional hot tub and bond with your family and friends as the hot water relaxes your body. Then you can have dinner and check in Hótel Varmahlíð. Below is the map of Day 2:

Day 3 – Siglufjörður; Departure from Iceland

Check out of Hótel Varmahlíð and proceed to the small town of Siglufjörður, in which you can spend the whole morning exploring. it is surrounded by towering mountains and have the fishing industry as their source of income. If you just want to look around town and relax before your depart the North, this is the perfect place for a last stop.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Julien Carnot

The first place you can visit is The Herring Era Museum. It has a big collection of stories of the town, the fishing industry of Iceland and other stories concerning the development of the country. It also has interactive presentations and has various displays of boats and various artifacts. Afterwards, you can do bird watching, walk around town, join in the Herring Festivals if given the chance, and eat your lunch befoe departing to
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Julien Carnot

seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: sela-v

You depart from Siglufjörður at around after lunch, do the five-hour drive towards Blue Lagoon for rejuvenation and re-energizing. You can have have some 1-2 stopovers in between the drive to rest. After Blue Lagoon, you can drop off your rental car in Thrifty then proceed to Keflavik Airport for your departure.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Sarah_Ackerman

Hope you had a wonderful time in Iceland. Here is the map of Day 3: