Iceland is known best known for several things: Nature Experience, Religion Sanctuary, Culture Rich, Nightlife, and Hospitable Locals. But what people aren’t really familiar with is that in Iceland the locals have the most crave for coffee. While Starbucks is the biggest coffee name in around the globe, it’s certainly not one of the game in town because in Reykjavík there isn’t any Starbucks, but anyone visiting Reykjavík deserves a proper cup of coffee and to help you find your way to the best coffee in Reykjavík, here are the top 5 coffee shops. You cannot get better coffee than you can at these places and almost all of these places are distinctly Reykjavík.



Guðmundur Baldvinsson and Guðný Guðjónsdóttir made a risk in business venture back in 1958 when they first opened the probably the first coffee shop in Reykjavík. At the beginning of the venture, locals cannot ponder the idea of having a coffeehouse when they could just brew and make coffee right at home and well not to spend so much money on a cup of coffee. But as the business was establishing their point, it has been creating solace for coffee lovers who also love to drink their coffee with their friends or colleagues. Artist, writers and philosophers were supporting the idea of the business and they made Mokka as their meeting place. That time the place was appreciated and until today, locals and tourist cannot deny the wonderful smell of coffee, chocolate, and waffles that come from the most adored coffee shop.



Aðalheiður Héðinsdóttir decided to follow the lead but making its name at the same time by introducing high quality coffee to its costumers. The coffee they use here is locally manufactured but with distinctive high quality. The owner hired and trained its baritas so they can offer great service as well. Kaffitár doesn’t only offer coffee but also offers great tasting sandwiches, cakes and pastries to partner your cup of coffee with. This place is always full especially if you want to visit it during the rush hour, you’ll have to sit by the window facing Bankastræti, but hey, this is actually the best area since you can watch people and the Bankastræti on the large window.



If you talk about high quality coffee, then Reykjavík Roasters or was formerly known as Kaffismiðja Íslands is definitely the place where you could experience the highest quality specialty coffee in Reykjavík. In business for five years now, the place serve locally grown coffee as well as imported ones from Columbia and the recently introduced imported coffee from Nicaragua. You can relax and enjoy your coffee with its cozy yet raw ambiance. They can even let you choose how your coffee be brewed between their three different brewing method.



Now if you want your coffee the green way or commonly called organic way, then visit David’s Litli Bóndabærinn! The owner, David also made a huge leap in opening this coffeeshop because the assurance of acceptance in change for coffee houses can be a little tricky. But he did manage to pull costumers in with his tasty organic coffee. And not only does the place serve locally made organic coffee but also delicious food as well like sweet potatoes or veggie sausage rolls and his famous lamb filled pasties which are to die for.



The name means living room, and by its name came the whole concept of the coffee house. It has plush couches and sitting chairs which makes you feel like you are just at your own living room. The place is so inviting and comfortable, probably the most comfortable coffeehouse in the city. They offer, tea as well, cakes and pastries, and other snacks to dig your teeth with. At night, you can enjoy the finest selection of local beers and Irish coffee, since during the night, the cushy coffee shop transforms into a cozy bar.