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5 Days Self Drive to East Iceland

Enjoy the east of Iceland by taking this 5-day self drive that is both relaxing and enjoyable.

This self-drive idea is for those who want to enjoy and relax the east of Iceland without getting too tired or too stressed on the vacation. From Keflavik International Airport, drive to Egilsstaðir using the rental car from Thrifty so you can explore the small yet interesting town. Afterwards, you will drive to the interesting towns of Seydisfjordur and Eskifjordur and explore their places of interest. And of course, before leaving Iceland, you will rejuvenate and be energized thanks to the services of Blue Lagoon.



Day 1 – Arrive in Keflavik International Airport

You arrive in Iceland via Keflevik International Airport at around late afternoon and pick up the rental car in Thrifty to drive to the city of Reykjavik. When you get here, check in at any accommodation such as the Hotel Reykjavik as you will have an overnight stay here before the long drive to Egilsstaðir tomorrow morning. Once checked in, you can walk around and explore Reykjavik.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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For dinner, you can try the Fish Market or Restaurant Reykjavik that serve various delicious meals that will leave you full. Afterwards, you can just walk around a bit, lounge in the hotel bar or get ready for your drive tomorrow. Here is the map of Day 1
Here is the map for Day 1:

Day 2 – Leave Reykjavik and drive to Egilsstaðir

You can have breakfast in Hotel Reykjavik before leaving to drive to Egilsstaðir, which is an 8-hour drive. With this, you can have stopovers in various towns or places such as Borgarbygoo, Hunavatnshreppur, and Akureyri. When you arrive in Egilsstaðir, you check in at Hotel Egilsstaðir and have dinner in their restaurant and hotel. Then rest to get ready for your tour of the town the next day.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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Here is the map for Day 2:

Day 3 – Tour Egilsstaðir

Have breakfast in Hotel Egilsstaðir and then start exploring the town already. It is the largest town of east Iceland and is known to be a transportation and administration center. You can start with a relaxing place like the Skriduklaustur, which is the center of culture and history in the town. It has monastic ruins, exhibitions and art gallery in which you can explore so that you can be educated about Egilsstaðir. And since you will be arriving around lunch, you might as well eat at the local food restaurant located in this museum.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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The next places you can go to are the Lagarfljót river, the Hallormsstadur Forestry Reserve, and the Hengifoss. The Lagarfljót river is the third largest river in Iceland and it is said that a Lagarfljót worm lives underneath this river (similar to the Loch Ness monster in Scotland). You can explore the surroundings as well as be at awe with the river.
The next that you can go to is the Hallormsstadur Forestry Reserve, the biggest forest in Iceland. This forest has lots of trees, which is a great sight to see while taking a walk in the woods. It is actually a perfect place for nature lovers who want to appreciate the environment more and see its wonders without getting too tired.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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The last place that you can go to is Hengifoss, which is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country. Savor its beauty as the water smoothly cascades down from the top and drops down to a small pool. It is just one of the beautiful waterfalls in Iceland that you should never miss.

Day 4 – Tour Seydisfjordur and Eskifjordur

Have breakfast in Hotel Egilsstaðir and drive to the small town of Seydisfjordur. This place is surrounded by mountains on all sides with Mt. Bjólfur to the West and Strandartindur to the East as the most prominent and visible ones. Here, you can tour 1-3 toursit attractions that will interest you.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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The first place you can visit is The Blue Church, one of the towns’s main tourist sights. The interiors has a very simple yet attractive look that helps in drawing tourists. And if you are lucky, you might be able to hear free concerts performed by various singers, an organist and a violinist.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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Seydisfjordur is known to have several waterfalls since it is surrounded by mountains. Just by walking around town, you will be able to see 3-6 waterfalls. And then you can also hike towards this waterfalls that starts at the town center. You can always ask the Tourist Information Center of the town about the hike to the waterfalls.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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seljafjordur snæfellsnes

Source: Shadowgate

You can explore 2-3 toursit attractions and then have lunch in Bistro Skaftfell, which is one of the popular restaurants in town. It has a great ambiance with great music playing and dimmed lights that make it relaxing and peaceful. The restaurant serves various meals, with a fresh and steaming lamb stew as one of them.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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Once lunch is done, you can drive to to another small town called Eskifjordur. It has a large fishing industry. You can look at 2-3 attractions here that will say more about the town. One of the places of interest you can go to is the Maritime East Eskifjordur, which is an old store house that shows relics of fisheries and provides information on the progress of East Iceland.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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If you want some sort of adventure in this trip, you can have a hiking tour or trip towards the Holmatindur, a mountain that overlooks the fjord’s opposite directions. You can ask the Tourist Information Office of the town about the hike. It is not an climb/walk to the top but it is worth it once you are there as you will be able to see a stunning view of the towns and the east of Iceland.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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Other places that you can go to are the Holmanes, memorial to the drowned sailors, various museums, and the white witch.
seljafjordur snæfellsnes

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Return to Hotel Egilsstaðir and have dinner in the restaurant and bar. Get ready for your flight back to Reykjavik tomorrow. Here is the map of Day 4:

Day 5 – Departure from Egilsstaðir and Iceland

You have breakfast in Hotel Egilsstaðir and leave early to drive to Blue Lagoon to rejuvenate and relax.

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Then you bring back the rental car to Thrifty and go to Keflavik International Airport to depart from Iceland. Here is the map for Day 5: