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Arnanes Country Hotel

Great view of the Vatnajökull glacier and the town from the guestrooms plus a nice horseback riding experience at the hotel.

One of the top-rated Icelandic hotels in Hofn, Arnanes Country Hotel provides a total of 16 rooms for guests who would like to view glaciers right from their accommodations. The windows of most rooms offer a nice spot to capture pictures of the beautiful scenery of white landscapes and outstanding mountains

Iceland northern lights

Our review for Arnanes Country Hotel

The ideal location of Arnanes Country Hotel is not the only thing to like in this hotel; the staff is helpful, attentive and polite to their customers. The staff, as well as the owner, never fails to welcome their guests as if they didn’t leave their home at all, but with the twist of good facilities one would like to experience in a country hotel such as this. The hotel also offers horseback riding and free breakfast and free parking. For budget travellers, the Arnanes Country Hotel offers sleeping bag accommodations located in the hotel basement.

The sight from the rooms and the balcony was remarkable; the glaciers, the Icelandic waters, the mountains and the landscapes were relaxing especially when viewed while drinking a freshly brewed coffee from the onsite restaurant.

According to the customers, the rooms are very comfortable to sleep in, and the private bathrooms are very clean and complete with basic toiletries. The Icelandic breakfast is always made using home-grown vegetables and local farm products, rendering it fresh and delicious.

One of the drawbacks that customers found during their stay in the hotel is the lack of kitchen in all the rooms. Although this is a considerable absence for some guests, most visitors were fine with it because of the short distance of the Arnanes Country Hotel from the best restaurants in Hofn.