Being a Tourist in Iceland

You might have been planning on being a tourist in Iceland. There are some things you need to know first. Since Iceland is one of the most growing number of tourists nowadays, there are just a few things about how you can make your stay as great as possible. The problem with some tourists is that they really just go to one place take pictures, post them on Social Networking Sites and then head back home. But don’t you know there are just things you should be doing instead of posing in your ever reliable camera? Yes, it can also boost the enjoyment of your stay in Iceland. So putting it all together in a list will make it easier for you to follow and be an awesome tourist.

Always Listen to Local Advices

tourist in Iceland

After hearing a lot of sad news about tourists being abducted, lost, or even found dead all over the world, it is highly recommended and even mandatory that you guys should listen to local advice. If the locals tell you it is not safe to go in a certain place, it is NOT really safe to go there. Although abduction has not been and will never be an issue here in Iceland because we have ZERO terrorists here, lost tourists and worst hurt or dead has been really the main problem. It is because some people just seemed to ignore the advices of locals that nature can be quite drastic during winter and during volcanic eruptions. I mean, it is common sense that you should be knowing the road conditions, weather and the update on the volcanic activities for you to be safe. And believe me, even though how remarkable our rescue squads are if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll get in a lot of trouble. So to avoid any unwanted circumstances just sit down and listen to local advices and for crying out loud, follow them.

Don’t Drive Alone Off-Road

tourist in Iceland

The roads are fine… Stick with them. Unless you have an off-road tour package with a driving tour guide who knows exactly where to drive and where not to drive, then you are okay. But if you are travelling alone, with a rented 4×4 truck, refrain from driving on undesignated roads. You might end up trampling on crops and other resources that Icelanders are trying hard to develop. Vegetation has been quite fragile in Iceland so just to be safe, please stay on the roads.

Toilets Are All Over The Place… Use them

tourist in Iceland

Yes, it is a bit silly, but you might be surprised how this is a great issue nowadays in Iceland. You might not notice the “mess” because the locals have cleaned it up every time. These are not just personal businesses being littered around the place, but also garbages like candy wrappers and the like are being left about by some travelers. There are toilets and garbage disposals all over the place, find them and please use them.

Go to the Less Traveled Places

tourist in Iceland

The tour packages that some tour operators are offered have those places that are less popular… Go there! Iceland is noted to have places which are awe-inspiring and being assured that every turn you make is a breath taking sight. Go west or north, search for places that you will discover one of the best places you’ve been. Explore Iceland. The key here is to ask locals where the areas that are less traveled or underrated and if they tell you ask them what is in there. As long as it is safe, it is rewarding I tell you.

Buy Local Goods

tourist in Iceland

You are in a place where knitting is well taught and crafts are the products from a hobbyist, it is then sure that these are high in quality. Plus, it can be your memorable souvenir of the place adds to the taken pictures.

Spend Time With The Locals

tourist in Iceland

A foreigner in a place remains a foreigner until he learns how to adapt. Don’t just go and treat your tour guide just a tour guide, make friends with them. Icelanders are very hospitable and friendly, and even with a limited time you can have a good relationship with an Icelander. They can talk about more about the place and the entertainment is endless. Respect the culture and you’ll find yourself wanting to stay. Adapting in a certain place will even make your stay more worth it, just try and be an awesome tourist in Iceland.