Bus tour expert in Iceland


Gunnar Valdimarsson is our travel expert in the area of how to travel with a bus in Iceland, both by doing half day or full day tours close to Reykjavik and how to get around Iceland with bus in general. We can say he is therefore a excellent source for inexpensive travelling within Iceland. He can also help you with getting charter service if you have a small or large group doing trips to Iceland.

How can he help?

He can help you with booking activities in his area of expertise – travelling with bus in Iceland. He is part of a local bus tour company and has gained his expertise from running this company and might suggest trips they are doing but only if it fits with what the travelers needs. So any questions in regard to day tours with bus in South Iceland and your itinerary to the area e.g. which hotel to stay in, what to do, where to go etc is his expertise and he can for sure help you with. He has also extensive experiencing driving in Iceland so feel free to ask him about driving conditions in the winter, weather etc. His local advises are free of charge for the traveler.

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