Cheap Things to do in Reykjavik


Any traveler would know that sometimes going on adventures can leave ones wallet a little deflated and sometimes going on those pricey tours often lead to disappointment. So for all those budget travelers who want the thrill of adventure without the dread of overspending here’s a list of things to do in Reykjavik that will make you and your wallet blissfully content.

Watch the northern lights in Reykjavik


It is very much free to watch the northern lights in Reykjavik when they show up. However this is primarily in the winter time. If you decide to watch the lights in Reykjavik it is best to head out to Grotta in Seltjarnarnes. It takes you out of the worst light pollution and the area is very nice with lot of birdlife.

Explore the city, without the tour guides


Reykjavik is a city of the most bewitching contrasts from its shifting tectonic plates to its mesmerizing nature, it is a place that people would ultimately love at first sight. It is a cross between a charming northern village and a pulsing vibrant city, you can be strolling down historic homes built in the 1800’s on one side and find yourself in modern sky scrapers on the other.

And that alone is an adventure on itself, you and your companions can spend the entire day weaving in and out of the city, like time travelers, traveling through time and space. Simply leave your belongings in a hotel or hoist them on your back and walk the streets. A great idea for going out to eat cheap and fun is to go to Bæjarins Bestu hot dog stand as seen in the picture at the top. It really is one of the cheap things to do in Reykjavik.

Watch a movie

While watching a movie sounds like counter intuitive, you have never watched a movie in Reykjavik and you might not want to experience it anywhere else. The Cinema No2 at the Old Harbour Village is located inside the loft of an old fishermen´s lodging where fishermen used to fix their boats, mend their nets, and sleep in bunks. Since then the place was remodeled as little as possible to retain the old atmosphere, the place provides an ideal setting for viewing old documentary films and movies centered around the Icelandic culture.

Take a dip


Iceland has a lot of water, from lakes, ponds, seas, hot springs and pools. Water is such a natural commodity in Iceland that swimming is considered their national sport. Because of this its not impossible to take a refreshing swim for a modest fee.

Or if you’re looking for a different kind of swimming experience, you can visit The Laugardalslaug Thermal Pool which is the city’s largest geothermal pool, it is open in all weather conditions and contains all the amnesties of a water park. What’s more it only costs $2.50 for an all day pass.

Another great spot is the Nautholsvik Beach wherein geothermal water is pumped into into the bay and the large jacuzzis. The bay is like a warm bath and is protected by seawalls to prevent cold water from flowing in.

Visit the Pearl of the North


Perlan or ‘The Pearl’ is a amazing historical landmark that overlooks Reykjavik and can be seen from miles around. The pearl was a former water storage facility during the 90’s which provides hot water for the city from the geothermal water from the earth. It has been converted to a cafeteria serving local fares at reasonable prices. It also has a restaurant at the top with the whole dining area slowly rotating to give you a breath taking 360 degree view of the city.

Take a tour of the museums


For adventurers who want to have an educational trip or a good laugh, the Phallological Museum located in downtown Reykjavík is the perfect place to go. Considered as one of Retkjavik’s most unusual attractions; the museum contains a huge collection of animal penises as far back as 1974. Or if you’re the faint of heart or traveling with children or relatives; The Einar Jónsson Art Museum located besides the Hallgrimskirkja church is a perfect place for an impromptu picnic among the sculptures.

Lounge around the Garden of Hearts

The Hjartagardurinn located in central Reykjavik is the ultimate hotspot for music and the arts. Gather your friends and drink locally brewed beer and enjoy the local tunes, or or gaze at the fabulous street art from Reykjavik’s street-art underground scene. And if you’re daring you can join in on the poetry reading and indulge your Shakespearean nature.

Reykjavik is a spectacular city filled with adventures, from its ever changing landscape to its quirky creative inhabitants it’s a place where everybody can enjoy. Hope you have enjoyed this list of cheap things to do in Reykjavik.

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