Have you ever wondered how it is like to cross one continent to another in just few minutes? I am not talking about getting on a plane and flying across the continents but as simple as just crossing a footbridge. Yes it is possible and we aren’t bluffing. Just drive about 7 kilometers south of 101 Hafnir by road 425 and you’ll get to cross into two continents. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is one of the world’s major plate boundaries and this is where the lava-scarred Reykjanes peninsula is situated. The great force that is under the gaping rifts of the Eurasian and American tectonic plates is the reason why the two continents are continuously drifting apart about two centimeters away from each other per year. As the tension of the two plates diverging the results are visible on the surface causing cracks, gaps and fissures, the stress on the tension created by this natural changes are soon to make a great impact in Iceland but the Icelanders aren’t worried at all. Instead, they accepts the changes freely and even make a good thing out of them like the silfra fissure and this huge gap which they built a bridge at, making the natural changes or nature stress into something that we should look forward to visit each time we are in Iceland.


The bridge is not just a symbol that the Eurasian and American plates meets, or the better phrase now is departs from each other, but also the symbol of connection between the two continents. Crossing the bridge is like feeling the connection between the two continents, they might soon be far away from each other, but at this moment, there is still a little bridge connecting them.

The fun thing about crossing the bridge is that you get to take home a personalized certificate at the Reykjanes Information Center. This is to certify that you have crossed the two continents and a reminder of the great experience you have encountered here. Afterall, crossing the bridge that connects the two continents is quite an adventure.

Here is a map to help you with crossing the bridge that connect Eurasian and American continent.