For nearly twenty years, since 1996, Icelanders have celebrated the August 18 anniversary of the founding of Reykjavik with a combination sports and culture festival. Culture Night is now held every year late August. The day starts with the Reykjavik Marathon in the city center and after lunch, there is a long list of events and venues offered.

The sheer assortment of experiences one can soak in as Icelanders put their culture on vivid display and their best foot forward means universal appeal like no other in Icelandic events. No fewer than 100,000 foreign visitors stroll in leisurely fashion through the crush of over 200,000 locals resident in the Greater Reykjavík metropolitan area, intent on marveling at new things to experience.


The theme for Culture Night is “Come on in”. This is very evocative of the hospitality Icelanders are renowned for. To show just how exuberant such hospitality is, locals are apt to throw open their doors and serve complimentary waffles all day long. As well, the theme calls to mind the smorgasbord of delights to be had when the first-time visitor explores the street fairs, entertainment venues and spruced-up stores demonstrating there are sights aplenty right within the vital community that is the city center. Local art, crafts design, culinary delights and musical performances were all bound to bombard visitors as they turned nearly every corner.The musical fest is all over town and offers all sorts of music; Jazz, choirs, fusion, folk songs and the list is endless.


The venues and events are throughout the day and the evening concert in the city center ends at 11 pm. The Culture night ends every year with a spectacular firework show from the harbour.The Cultural night is an event that is growing every year and is here to stay. It´s a day when everyone in the family can find something of their liking and a great experience in general if you want to meet the locals.