The Pyramid in Iceland


In this town there is a hidden pyramid, although it is not actually hidden because you can see it by just looking straight ahead. Pyramid Mountain, Bulanstindur, is a perfect pyramid shaped mountain that is also known as the God’s Rock or Godabord. In 1000 A.D., the locals threw all their pagan items on the top of the mountain to follow Christianity. The mountain’s proud beauty stands above 1,068m sea level. There are thousands of hikers and mountain climbers that loves to climb up the pyramid mountain and the trails and routes varies leading to the top varies in difficulty.

The unusual art masterpieces in Djupivogur


The eggs of Merry bay attract tourists by the unusual man-made creations – the 34 eggs lying on the sides of Djupivogur village center at Gledivik. Created in 2009, the 34 large scale replicas of the 34 bird species that are found in Djupivogur is the masterpiece of Sigurdur Gudmundsson. Each egg is unique from the other with color, shape and expression, but the whole thing was uniformly displayed that made the concept of the eggs awesome. The town is indeed a fan of unusual masterpieces!

The peaceful town of Djupivogur

If you look at the entire town as a whole you will notice how peaceful it is and how the small community is trying their best to cope with the rest of the now leveling up tourism towns but the town of Djupivogur is beautiful as it is. No more leveling up or putting anything more unusual than the eggs and their simple masterpieces on the streets. The town is far the best and most romantic town to watch the sunset together with your family or your significant other.

Museum and café Langabud is one of the oldest building in Djupivogur. It was built dated back in 1790. It is the town’s cultural center. They host exhibitions about the life and work of the town’s artists like Rikard Jonsson, Solveig Eyjolfsdottir and others. A little part of the building has a cozy café that serves the best cakes and pastries you will ever taste.

A church stands humbly in the town and locals come here to pay respect to God. Christianity is the official religion in Iceland.


When you are trying to stay on a certain budget but still want to make your vacation as exciting and fun as possible, then you can get your tents and gears and bring them to Berunes Camp site. It is located at the Youth Hostel just east of Berufjordur valley in Djupivogur. Though the camp site is not that big, it is quiet and does offer a good shelter from winds. In their service house, you can find decent toilets and baths / shower, kitchen and grill. There are washing machines and waste disposals as well. Breakfast is served in the Youth Hostel. Hiking routes are all over the place going to the mountains and leading to the sea. You can go back to Djupivogur town or to Papey where the first inhabitants of Iceland known to have settled. Just several minutes from there you can also get to visit Karahnjukar dam, which is by far the largest Hydro electric dam in the country.

Hotel Framtid offers guestrooms for those who just want a good mattress for their back and roof over their heads. In this place, you can still enjoy nature with the panoramic sea and mountain views. There are 46 rooms all in all in this hotel but during peak seasons you need to book ahead of time to be sure you can get a room. Their restaurant serves the best local Icelandic food with a focus on seafood.

The Fishing Hamlet in Djupivogur


Djupivogur is a fishing town so you will probably notice many fishing boats by the piers. There are many things to do here in Djupivogur like bird watching, fishing, boat trips, hiking on the proud pyramid mountains and much more.

Map to Djupivogur