Iceland is a Magical Place


Welcome to Winter Wonderland! Usually when someone mentions Iceland, there are two things that comes to mind. Snow and Volcanoes. When you look closer to their culture and the whole country, it might change your whole perspective, that there is something in their box than just large masses of snow and volcanoes. Icelanders being the most hospitable people in the world, eclectic cosmopolitan, informative museums, historical buildings, old fashioned villages, perfect man-made lagoons, impressive green fields (or white), the Northern Lights, magnificent volcanoes, stunning geysers, enchanting waterfalls, thousand of bird species, elves, trolls and fairies. Yes, you read that right! Mythical creatures. Up until now Icelanders still live in a fantasy world. Well, it does makes sense because of the spellbinding scenery around Iceland, but what is amazing is that they even have laws, schools, events and more, all related to their belief in the unseen. Some folks take elves and other mythical creatures seriously, some just doesn’t talk about them at all, and others may not even care. There are some roads that have detours just not to pass where the mythical creatures lives, even the engineers tend to bypass that area, and believe it or not, there is also a school that offers elf courses. Though you may neither find it online if you google it, nor the main tourism office staff knows about this, you can take classes to learn all about it. Yes, despite of the Icelanders being religious and modern, there are still lots of believers out there. Iceland is indeed a fantasy world not only because of their beliefs, but the place itself is out of this world. It is like another dimension. Even HBO agrees to this when they filmed some of the parts of “The Game of Thrones” in Iceland. It is such a magical place!

Iceland is magical and out of this world


Some may find Iceland rather to be an icy wasteland, with just a few hours of sunshine during winter or the cost of living is unreasonable. These individuals are probably just some people who haven’t smelled the fresh air in Iceland or haven’t tasted Iceland’s naturally purified tap water or haven’t seen the Icelanders glow and beauty yet.


What are the great finds it Iceland that makes it a fantasy world? Well, we can start with the Blue Lagoon, where you can soak yourself into a wonderful misty geothermal spa. The mix of seawater and geothermal water from a geothermal plant has great rejuvenating powers that can soothe your muscles and can be a great therapy for any skin diseases. Though there is neither magic happening here nor any work of elves, it is purely scientific. If you are thirsty, you can just take a glass of water, open their faucets and enjoy the pure water. Again, it’s not magical but this time, it’s pure nature. Then you can go visit their museums full of antique artifacts which can tell the whole history of Iceland. Yeah, I know still no magic. And at nighttime, visit the city of Reykjavik where there are parties and events everywhere. After you have had enough with parties and drinking coffees, you can go hiking or swimming on the best spots around Iceland. Go see the glaciers and geysers and soak yourself again in their hot springs. You can experience nature tripping at its best. Visit their magnificent churches and chapels. Okay, I know, you are waiting for the magical part. During winter, you can have a front row chair of the most captivating Northern Lights. “This may be magical but still it’s the work of nature”, you might say. But don’t you get it? The whole experience in Iceland is magical and out of this world. Iceland offers so much that your weeks of visits would not even comply.