For the love of food, Food and Fun Festival really brings out the lighthearted pleasure out of food prior to the fact that food, itself is already a fun treat. Iceland holds this festival annually where there you can see different kinds and techniques of culinary from the world-acclaimed chefs. Who doesn’t love food right? And with the dazzling lights of the city and the world-renowned nightlife on weekends, the celebration will be a mix of culinary and entertainment.

The festival is divided into three parts as it runs for several days. The first part is the collaboration of Iceland’s finest restaurants together with the guest chefs from America, Scandinavia Europe and other parts of the world. The chefs will be assigned to each restaurant as they introduce their creation from where the ingredients are Icelandic produced. They would let you taste their enticing well crafted menu that will be available on the participating restaurants. You can complement the chef, as for sure you will, because they would be on the site for three nights while the festival is active. Take advantage of the culinary masterpiece and go restaurant hoping, it would definitely make your mouth urge for more and it is worth it. Just be sure to set aside your diet factor though, but I believe since the ingredients are Icelandic produce that it would be a healthy treat for everyone. So no diet will be ruin as the Food and Fun Festival runs.


The second part of the Food and Fun Festival is where the chefs now battle for whoever makes your taste buds wants to take home the chef to cook for your family alone. The chefs at this point would be competing for that title (chef you wish to drag to your kitchen) and the award for “Food and Fun Chef of the Year” which is a prestigious award in the culinary community. That would be the main and the major part of the festival. They will prepare three main courses and the ingredients will be again, only made with Icelandic produce. From the meat to the herbs, all should be all-Icelandic. The challenge is that how they will make their dish more enticing than the ingredients itself, because as you should know, the products from Iceland are well prepared, especially the meats from sheep which has a distinctive delicious flavor together with the cows’ milk and meat, not to mention the fish products which Iceland is more proud of.

The Chef Judges at the Food and Fun Festival


The last part would be the world-famous city nightlife in Reykjavik. It will be the additional factor for fun to the Food and Fun Festival.

From February 26th to March 2nd is when you can catch Food and Fun Festival .