Back in 1250


Located in about 11 kilometers north from Akureyri, Gasir is indeed a unique place where Medieval Ages comes to life in our modern period. If you want to really experience how it was to live about in Middle Ages, then you have come into the right place. This is no other place like in Iceland, and you can possibly find some remaining thing from the past. This place has been mentioned in Old Icelandic Sagas for so many times from 13th century up to 14th century. The significance of this place is very much acknowledged by the locals that each year in July, they come in medieval costumes and re-enact as well as reconstruct what has been the place used to be. It is an amazing experience to be on the exact place where the trading began and with people re-living the history over again. You will even notice that they come in character meaning; you will not see any mobile phones and other modern stuff in here, just those things you would really expect to see from the middle Ages.


It can be a great experience to be here with your family, you can wear your own medieval costume just to blend in the place though it is not really mandatory to but it will be more fun. You can mingle with the Icelandic craftsmen as they act their part. This is categorized as living and open air museum, a unique place where you can hang out. Ever find your kids so not interested in history? Get them to learn it while having fun in this wonderful place of Gasir.


Gasir has many things to offer like a place of trade, fair, feast and music. This steadily growing fun event will get anyone’s attention and promises visits that will be worth it. The start of the Medieval Trading Place in Gasir is on July 19-21, and on that period, the locals will take you back to year 1250, just like how life may have been and you with your family will definitely see all sorts of loud merchants, mournful monks, handicrafts, ayeing Vikings and merry peasants and maids. The goal of this event in Gasir is to present Iceland’s historical sites as well as to let people know about how it was back then.


Map to Gasir – Medieval Market