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Guesthouse at Hestheimar

Guesthouse at Hestheimar is an outstanding Bed & Breakfast provider in a lovely country side town

A bed and breakfast provider in Hella, Guesthouse at Hestheimar is a gem in the middle of a very quiet and peaceful town. This guesthouse includes a main house and some separate cottages that provide not the basic needs of the guests, but also the comfort and relaxation one would like to have after roaming around the busy streets of Reykjavik and other popular Icelandic cities and towns.

Guesthouse Hestheimar

Our review for Guesthouse Hestheimar

The guests loved how the staff of Guesthouse at Hestheimar politely let them choose the place where they wanted to stay – either in the main building or in one of the cottages. All rooms and apartments/ cottages were spotless and very comfortable. Some cottages were several kilometres away from the main building, which presented an advantage and a disadvantage for the guests. The long distance from the main building provided more privacy and peacefulness, but also meant being too far from the services of the staff in the main building. Other things that customers thought were great about Guesthouse at Hestheimar is that the bathrooms are spotless clean and larger than the typical size of bathrooms in other hotels in Iceland. However, what makes the stay in Guesthouse at Hestheimar worthwhile is the warm welcome and friendly service of the hosts and staff.

Just like other BBs in Hella, Guesthouse at Hestheimar satisfied their guests with the wide variety of hot and cold breakfast, including delicious pancakes, cereals, cakes, breads and more.

Although the guests noticed how some of the staff of this BB were somehow reserved when serving their guests, they appreciated how the staff became very engaging and enthusiastic in their services as they get along with their customers.