How Safe is Iceland


When you think about moving in or visiting a place, we always put safeness as the first item on our checklist, well you see, Iceland and the word “Safe” really jives as this country is considered one of the safest country in the whole world. Not only because of the non-existent crime they have here, but also because it is healthy to live here as well (see: Why Icelanders are Happy & Healthy). When you think about how cruel the world is and how disturbing things you see in the news, it is almost impossible to find a safe haven nowadays. But consider looking at your map and point on the island just South-South East (SSE) of Greenland; that my friend is Iceland, the safest and the most amazing place you would ever visit.

How safe is Iceland’s capital city?

The capital Reykjavik, a beautiful city, is a place for anyone who loves to travel. The one whom you will always feel great to look forward to for your next out of the country vacation. You won’t worry about where to stay because of the numerous hotels, motels, and guesthouses available for you, whether you are on a limited budget or you want to spend your whole quarter month savings, Reykjavik definitely have what fits you and your pocket. The amazing thing is that even when you are on a tight budget, you can still sleep in a very decent room with a view of perfect nature right at your window. Eating out will never be a hassle, all you have to do is step out of your hotel and walk a couple of steps and voila, a restaurant that offers the best meal. Want to have fun? You can, even for free! Go swimming, hiking, visit a park, museum and all those fun stuff, you can even go shopping (Kolaportið Flea Market) with just few bucks to spend. In the city you can see local and international celebrities, millionaires, important people; as ordinary people just walking around doing their everyday stuff. That is how safe this place is.

How safe are the rural areas?

How about the rural areas, you might ask. Well, it is safer than you could ever imagine. As long as you follow the driving rules, then you’ll do just fine. The only factor that would interfere is the weather. And again, as long as you know the Dos and Don’ts, which by the way is mere common sense, then you are safe. No worries of muggers or killers and the likes. There are no such things in this country. You can worry about the limited time you have to spend though, because of the numerous things you can do with your stay and oh, some dwarfs and elves. Yes, some of our folks here still believe in those, but you know what they say, as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

How safe are the Volcanoes in Iceland?


Most volcanoes are dormant now and they are only there to keep the place awe-inspiring and beautiful. You can ask a local how to survive earthquakes; you’ll be surprised how well everybody manages it. During a volcano eruption, flights are being cancelled, but on the contrary, it would be the best time to visit as you can witness an erupting volcano personally. I know what you are thinking, why it would be dangerous! But telling you this now, the affected area during the eruption is limited only to a stretch of few kilometers from south of the volcano. Though it is bad news for the crops and roads are closed but it won’t stop some folks to view the rumbling and rock’n rolling from a safe distance. Iceland is well known to be well-alert in any volcanic activities. The infrastructures are well built and can stand the shaking, the water supply, electricity, transportation, internet connection and phone signals are still on the flow even during the eruption. The only interruption you could ever encounter is your flight home. But nonetheless, it is safe.

Medical Safety in Iceland

Medical Safety? Iceland does not require an official vaccination requirement. In fact, flu shots can go a long way due to the weather in Iceland. But then again, don’t go blowing your nose and coughing at the healthy people in this country, you don’t want to be the only reason we will blast the emergency rooms. If you are searching for a place where happy, healthy and wealthy people live in perfect harmony? Then this is the place.

Dangerous Wilderness


There are no poisonous bugs or insects or lethal animals or any other life forms. Despite of the sci-fi atmosphere in most natural attractions, there are no aliens of any kind. You will not get super powers from the steam coming out of the ground or supernatural phenomena on some caves and glaciers. If ever you see one or encounter one, that would be the people in costumes, shooting a film for a Sci-fi movie or series on TV.

As said earlier, Iceland and the word “Safe” really dances together. So consider booking a flight on your next vacation to experience how Safe is Iceland.